A little bit of Star Wars is going into space.

The new mission patch created for the International Space Station's role as a US national laboratory features some familiar droids and structures, the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space announced on Wednesday.

The patch is shaped like Han Solo's Millennium Falcon, with the infamous Death Star also represented ("that's no moon").

Droids BB-8, K-2SO and Chopper are seen gazing off at the ISS in a colorful sky in a pose meant to put fans in mind of another scenic gaze from the original "Star Wars" movie.

"The patch design is meant to evoke this same spirit of wonder when Luke Skywalker looked out to the twin suns of Tatooine," Doug Chiang of Lucasfilm said in a statement.

It's not just the patch that's bringing the fictional world of Star Wars together with real-life space exploration.

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