Artificial intelligence and machine learning have far surpassed the “eye roll” reaction they once sparked… They have become essential tools for many large e-commerce brands to operate at such scale — and both, while also becoming more advanced, are increasing in prominence with each year that goes by (in a multitude of sectors).

The marketing revolution is here, and CMOs can’t escape it.

From operational optimization to marketing, personalization and enhanced search…right through to automated inventory planning and dynamic pricing — AI is shaping the future of shopping, at pace.

Is your e-commerce brand ahead of the curve, or rapidly falling behind the times?

Here Sam ( @Sam___Hurley ) is going to uncover some of the core enhancements that AI and machine learning can bring to your e-commerce business — which serve as solid reasons to swiftly implement this technology and beat your competition (including some groundbreaking AI tools you simply don’t want to miss).

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