the Supervision of the Swedish nuclear power plants are not made in the extent to which parliament and the government have requested, hits the national audit office is fixed after a review.

the Criticism also includes the government's handling of the matter.

A worse threat assessment as regards the infringement and acts of terrorism have increased, the demands on the security arrangements surrounding the Swedish nuclear power plants, and thus verifying that it works as it should, according to Annelie Jansson Westin, project manager at the Swedish national audit office.

It all, of course, how the world looks.

Enforcement has also complicated by the fact that it is about the aging nuclear plants, built for 30_40 years ago, and the new technical safety requirements that have arisen after the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan, 2011.

– There is a constant development of security, which increases the need for supervision, " says Annelie Jansson Westin.

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