The 2017 3D Printing Gala in Ulsan was held in the Engineering Building of UNIST from September 14th to 16th, 2017

Organized by the Ulsan IT Industry Promotion Agency, a variety of events were featured at the Gala, which includes 3D Printing Industry Exhibition, a test drive in a 3D-printed electric car, the testing of 3D-printed drones, and an international seminar.

The event also featured the DfAM competition, as well as the inaugural meeting of KAMUG (Korean Additive Manufacturing User Group).

The 3D Printing Industry Exhibition introduced 3D printing-based materials, equipment, softwares (SW), and other related areas.

It was participated by a total of 62 companies and organizations, both domestic and international.

The exhibition booths were packed with various 3D-printed products, which include toys, industrial parts, and dental models.

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