Twitter has blundered into yet another moderation crisis after it temporarily suspended the account of actress Rose McGowan as she was using its platform to speak out against sexual harassment of women in the wake of sexual abuse allegations coming out against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

It appears that Twitter’s anti-abuse algorithms might have triggered the suspension, though the company declined to comment, telling us: “We don’t comment on individual accounts for privacy and security reasons.”

The suspension was reported earlier by Variety after McGowan posted to her Instagram account, saying: “TWITTER HAS SUSPENDED ME.

Her Twitter account has since been reinstated but the sight of a victim of sexual violence against women being silenced (even temporarily) at the very point she was denouncing sexual violence against women is, to say the least, not a good look for Twitter.

Especially given extant criticism from many, many female users who face sexualized (and other forms) of abuse on its platform — yet when they report threats of rape, for instance, they frequently report being told by Twitter that this type of speech does not violate its community standards.

Same for a clear rape threat two days ago

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