Call intelligence has evolved over the past few years from just tracking calls, to being smarter about the data it collects but where the industry has stalled, is integration with other marketing platforms to achieve the, much sought after, single customer view.

Nick Ashmore, head of marketing at Response Tap, believes that a focus on simply extracting valuable data, from multiple systems is needed.

We’re seeing the industry move away from simple ‘call tracking’ where marketers can measure which campaigns and keywords are driving phone calls.

Call Intelligence particularly benefits businesses that take a lot of sales over the phone, usually high value or complex purchases.

Not only does it help them to optimise campaigns better for higher ROI, but also route and handle calls to give a better customer experience.

A customer’s path to purchase increasingly spans multiple channels and touchpoints and that creates a real challenge in attributing sales value to the multiple campaign touchpoints, making measuring ROI difficult.

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