WeChat subscription account is undergoing a major transformation, from a traditional folder method into a more intuitive feed stream format, making it more look like Jinri Toutiao’s format, Chinese media Hunwater Media is reporting.

After a WeChat user subscribes to an account, they can go directly to see the content (audio and video) with a more intuitive presentation.

This could bring new content reshuffle and will have a greater impact on the user experience.

Currently, WeChat has not given an official response to this news.

As early as May of this year, WeChat launched new features like “See (看一看)” and “search (搜一搜)”, making WeChat subscription accounts look more like Jinri Toutiao (今日头条).

Users can tap on “See (看一看)” and choose from “What friends are reading” and “Hot topics,” leading some to believe WeChat was testing a feed stream style.

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