Its 38-person content studio, Bonnier News Brand Studio, sits within Bonnier News’ sales division and pitches and executes all native ad business across the five newspapers, which include Expressen, financial daily Dagens Industri, national newspaper Dagens Nyheter and regional newspapers Helsingborgs Dagblad and Sydsvenskan.

These have a combined reach of 5 million weekly unique users, according to media research firm Orvesto Consumer — a decent chunk of Sweden’s total population of just under 10 million people.

Since it started in 2013, Bonnier News Brand Studio has operated separately from the five different news desks, though to ensure content mirrors the look and feel of the editorial, 90 percent of native content is published via the same CMS that the news desks use.

When clients request their campaigns run across the full network, the design, style and tone of native ads are tweaked according to the different styles of the five newspapers.

While distributing across five publishers is good for scaling a campaign, it’s costly, so just 10 percent of the 140 clients the content studio has a year opt for this.

A Bonnier News Brand Studio staffer now attends all Expressen’s news meetings to learn the day’s news agenda, what stories are being planned and how many articles will run and at what times.

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