In August, CNN replaced its Snapchat Discover channel with a daily news show called “The Update.” It was an interesting move for the news giant, which joined Snapchat Discover in January 2015 as a launch partner and averaged 12 million unique viewers per month on the platform by the time it made the show announcement.

But as Samantha Barry, CNN’s executive producer for social and emerging media, describes it, CNN’s decision also made a lot of sense.

“We learned a lot from our Discover editions, which were a mix of both text and video, but as Snapchat evolved and the show format became available, it was an obvious shift for us to make.”

The decision was also endorsed by Snap, which is steering TV networks and studios to produce TV-like, episodic video series for Snapchat Discover instead of daily, magazine-style publisher stories, according to multiple sources.

At the same time, sources said Snap remains committed to its network of print and digital publishing partners that have daily and weekly Discover channels.

According to an executive from another TV network that has produced a show for Snapchat, after initially approaching Snap about doing a Snapchat Discover channel, Snap executives encouraged the network to create a show instead.

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