Awareness and branding are key to any rebrand.

For travel agent TUI, SEO is just as vital given its own rebranding means shifting one site to another, a move that could potentially cost it more than half of its bookings if it doesn’t get it right.

The U.K.’s biggest holiday firm by sales has spent the last six months carefully replacing the Thomson brand with TUI, the name of its German parent.

But with the rebrand completed, the challenge for TUI is protecting the huge SEO equity of the old site, of which over 50 percent of traffic came from SEO.

In moving to, a new site that has comparatively limited equity in travel searches compared to the old version, the business wants to avoid any drops in authority and relevance.

To do this, it is building a content hub to create what TUI’s U.K. marketing director Jeremy Ellis said is a “substantial amount of SEO equity” in the URL.

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