In the course of about a year, Turner went from using 30 supply-side platforms, ad exchanges and ad networks to sell its inventory to just six.

Turner reduced its vendors to make it easier for advertisers to string together user data to run cross-device campaigns across Turner’s brands, said Amit Chaturvedi, evp of revenue operations and product management at Turner.

The vigilance on ad tech is part of a broader strategy that involves Turner trying to capitalize on the ad industry’s growing pot of programmatic ad spend.

Chaturvedi declined to provide specific numbers, but he said Turner’s programmatic business, which had little to no revenue three years ago, now brings in more than $100 million a year.

“This year is about shrinking the [ad tech] footprint and doing more with fewer people.”

A little over a year ago, Turner had six web developers, product managers and analysts spend a month gathering and analyzing data about all of the places where Turner publishes content and runs ads.

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