Although its application programming interface has been open to developers since March 2016, Microsoft’s HoloLens, a mixed-reality headset, has not received the same attention from brands as Apple’s ARKit, which brands were quick to apply when it came out in September.

The reason: The average person can’t afford HoloLens’ hefty $3,000 price tag, whereas anyone with an iPhone can download Apple’s new AR apps.

All brands haven’t been deterred from incorporating HoloLens, though, with Microsoft creating its Mixed Reality Partner Program in July due to growing demand.

Luxury Scotch whisky brand The Macallan developed a mixed-reality app for HoloLens to enhance its “Gallery 12″ art exhibit, which debuted on Oct. 17 in New York City.

After New York, the experience will move to Miami, Chicago, Houston and San Francisco, concluding at the end of October.

To make “Gallery 12” more accessible, The Macallan replicated the experience using Apple’s ARKit, Gonzalez said.

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