Dutch blockchain company LegalThings announced in a press release on Wednesday that it is developing an app, LegalFling, which in theory could allow about-to-bone partners to log what they are and are not okay with before they bone.

The company notes that you can mark your do’s and don’ts “with the swipe of a finger.” This is quite literally a feature in the most recent season of Black Mirror, where two matched up partners agree to sexual consent with a simple swipe on their devices.

People are allowed to change their minds—swiping “okay” beforehand should not outweigh someone’s discomfort during a sexual encounter, and it should certainly not be held to a higher legal standard.

Additionally you can withdraw consent going forward through the LegalFling app with a single click.” Only, I’m hard-pressed to believe that pausing a sexual activity to open up an app and adjust the settings is easier than simply communicating to your partner that you are no longer comfortable with something.

LegalThings team member Martijn Broersma said in an email to Gizmodo that Live Contracts create a proof of existence, which means “both parties will hold an immutable version of the explicit consent / contract.” The contract is timestamped and anchored, and then logged in the blockchain.

The app is not currently available—the team is still working on it, according to the website, and it is still subject to approval by both Apple and Google.

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