For millions of VPN users, privacy is one of the most desirable aspects of a VPN service, if not the most prized benefit of all.

And not all VPNs are equal in this respect – far from it.

Almost all VPNs will trot out some manner of blanket ‘we keep no logs’ statement on their website, but the truth is that the various providers’ policies regarding keeping logs can vary quite widely.

Connection or metadata logs include your incoming and outgoing IP address, as well as data like connection duration, amount of data transferred, VPN servers you’ve connected to, and so on.

This information isn’t such a big deal, and is often required to keep tabs on things like data allowances – how else will a provider know that you exceeded your allowance, if it hasn’t recorded the amount of data you have transferred?

The good news is that any provider worth its salt doesn’t keep usage logs.

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