Yes, I need an 8K livestream in every room

The biz, which targets its full-fibre network in 30 cities across the UK, was able to stream four high-definition 4K videos simultaneously, plus one in 8K to a single access point.

The technology would allow a user to download a standard HD movie file (5GB) in 4 seconds, compared with 6 minutes, 40 seconds on a 100Mbps connection; or download a 25GB Xbox game in 20 seconds, compared with 33 minutes, 20 seconds on a 100Mbps connection.

She said that, from a residential perspective, limited hardware specs mean it's difficult to find a PC that will be cable of doing over 100Mbps.

I think in the near term where there is a case for 10Gbps is businesses, which have servers, servings tens-of-hundreds of people."

She said Hyperoptic hoped to offer the speeds to businesses by the end of the year, but said the scope of its service would depend on demand.

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