The government has made a big deal about identifying extremist material online, and seems to be involved in an uphill battle to get online communities to actually give a fuck.

That way it can be dealt with immediately, rather than sitting around for 36 hours while the social networks sit on their hands pretending it's not there.

It's also a huge improvement on the two hour window the government demanded last year, with the Home office reporting that the bot was able to detect 94 per cent of IS material with 99.995 per cent accuracy.

To help spread the flow of the material, the government will be making this tech available to internet companies - including the smaller sites that have seen big increases in the amount of extremist material that gets published.

While that seems like a noble goal in this case, it doesn't get problematic if governments are able to force social media companies to remove whatever content it doesn't like.

That's not a defence of extremist content, but it's the kind of thing governments like China might consider to enhance the strength of its online censorship.

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