The UK Government has announced the development of new software which promises to automatically detect terrorist content on any online platform.

Developed by the Home Office and ASI Data Science, the Government boasted the piece of kit ‘detected 94% of Daesh propaganda with 99.995% accuracy’ during tests, with a small number of videos being reviewed by employees if the software gets confused.

The tool can be used by any platform where videos are reviewed during the uploading process, with the aim being to catch the content before it hits the internet.

“Over the last year we have been engaging with internet companies to make sure that their platforms are not being abused by terrorists and their supporters,” said Home Secretary Amber Rudd.

“I have been impressed with their work so far following the launch of the Global Internet Forum to Counter-Terrorism, although there is still more to do, and I hope this new technology the Home Office has helped develop can support others to go further and faster.”

It certainly is a different approach to working with the digital community, one which will almost certainly be more successful.

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