It’s always fun to watch concept videos of upcoming smartphones I guess.

You know they are not official, not confirmed, but somehow you end up building your expectations on them… well at least that’s what happened to me (I guess) when I first saw this Nokia 7 Plus concept video below.

It was recently uploaded to the official YouTube channel of Concept Creator and shows an exceptional, symmetric device, that pleases the eye (at least mine).

The design is based solely on leaked images/renders and rumors and according to these it should boast a dual camera on its back (with Zeiss logo), along with really slim bezels.

The concept is made out of metal and glass, and packs a rear-facing fingerprint scanner, a 3.5mm headphone jack placed on top, and all the typical buttons on its sides.

If you take a look at its display, you might see that the top and bottom bezels are noticeably thicker than the device’s side bezels, but still, if the real deal ends up looking like this, it will definitely sport the thinnest set of bezels of any Nokia-branded device thus far.

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