On show for the first time at the GSMA Mobile World Congress are two graphene based photonics devices which give a glimpse into the future of data communications.

At the Graphene Pavilion, experience the world's first all-graphene optical communication link operating at a data rate of 25 Gb/s per channel and at the Ericsson stand discover the first ultrafast graphene-based photonic switches in an Ericsson testbed.

These graphene-based photonic devices are the potential building blocks of the next generation of mobile networks, leading to ultrafast data streams with extreme bandwidth which are essential for a data-driven future

Optical data communication is at the heart of today's information society, be it transmitting data as pulses of light through fibre-optic cables or storing data on an optical readable medium.

The Graphene Flagship strives to bring together researchers from academia and industry to accelerate innovation.

The importance of this can will be shown by the results produced by the collaboration between Graphene Flagship partners AMO GmbH (Germany), CNIT (Italy), Ericsson (Sweden), Imec (Belgium), Nokia (Italy) and Nokia Bell Labs (Germany).

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