For those working in its fulfillment centers, conditions resemble a Dickensian nightmare.

Rushed fulfilment workers, who run around Amazon’s warehouses “picking” products for delivery, have a “toilet bottle” system in place because the toilet is too far away, according to author James Bloodworth, who went undercover at a warehouse in Staffordshire, UK, for a book on low wages in Britain.

It cites one pregnant worker who felt ill while working, and was handed “warning points.” Another worker received a warning, despite having a sick note from their doctor:

I turned up for my shift even though I felt like shit, managed 2 hours then I just could not do anymore.

The thing is, we’ve known about Amazon’s abhorrent working conditions for a long time now.

In 2017, a reporter for the British newspaper The Daily Mirror went undercover in an Amazon fulfillment center and found an environment that resembled a high-tech version of a Victorian workhouse.

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