Microsoft is desperate for us to ditch Google and embrace Bing, its search engine competitor, and to help tempt more people to make the switch it has announced a number of new features.

First of all, Bing's ‘intelligent answers’ feature, which was added last year, is being improved.

When you ask Bing a question it searches a number of websites, then gives you the most common answer, and with the latest update the feature is being expanded in the US and UK to cover more users, and will now show up to five websites that support the most common answer.

The idea is to give people a more reliable answer, as the website at the top of the search results may not always be the most reliable source.

Microsoft is also making it easier to book hotels through Bing, so you don’t have to search a number of websites to find the best deal.

When you search for a hotel in a particular area, you can now click on one of the options Bing provides and you’ll be presented with a page containing all sorts of information, including price, location, rating and the availability on the dates you’re looking for.

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