In a video heavy on a dramatic orchestral music and hints of new Windows interfaces, but somewhat light on detail, Microsoft showed off the newest edition of the overpriced whiteboard business collaboration tool.

The existing Windows 10-powered device began shipping in 2016 and the multitouch screens currently come in 55-inch and 84-inch flavours at $8,999 and $21,999 respectively.

While not initially a runaway sales success, it has gained a foothold in the corporate space with Microsoft claiming 5,000 customers (including over half of the Fortune 100 companies.)

The Surface Hub is aimed fairly and squarely at customers who have bought into Microsoft's collaboration platforms, and while a good proportion of the screens will have found themselves serving up interminable PowerPoint presentations, that really isn't the point of the thing.

Microsoft hopes users will leap from their seats and prod the screens with excited fingers.

The new incarnation, currently only a 50.5-inch display although with a welcome resolution bump to what Microsoft is calling "4K+", ups the ante somewhat.

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