Huawei's youth brand Honor has cut the ribbon on its 2018 flagship smartphone, and it's a beauty.

We've already seen an AI camera from parent company Huawei in the P20, which works out what you're pointing the camera at and adjusts the settings accordingly (although it insists my pet budgerigar is 'food', which is a little alarming), and Honor previously launched one in the View 10.

However, the Honor 10's AI has more photo categories than ever, meaning it can identify and optimise images of not just obvious things like your face and a plate of ribs, but cats, dogs, fireworks, text, greenery and, erm, pandas.

It can recognise more than 500 scenarios in 22 categories, apparently, and Honor also talked up the phone's ability to separate different layers of the same photo and optimise them, giving a demo that correctly identified a person, white horse, greenery in the background and the blue sky above, working its magic to make them all look as good as possible.

The rear dual camera has 24 and 16MP sensors working together, both f/1.8 with dual-core phase detection autofocus.

Meanwhile, the front-facing 24MP selfie camera includes AI capabilities and multi-frame image processing.

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