The blockchain value proposition is that ad fraud and a confused and complicated marketplace prevent brands from running successful influencer marketing campaigns, and that blockchain solves these problems through price transparency and better metrics measurement.

However, what blockchain solutions don’t provide are any concrete details about how they solve those problems or how blockchain solutions are different from existing platform technologies.

Don’t let them convince you that you have an influencer marketing problem blockchain can solve—ad fraud, poor metrics measurement, influencer payments—with no facts to back it up.

The technology used to measure metrics remains the same, regardless of whether those measurements are stored as they are now or in a blockchain, so why waste money on something that isn’t broken?

This is a “problem” that is easily solvable with other solutions, like a standard accounts payable function or PayPal payments directly to influencers (which is what many influencer agencies do).

The only thing private blockchain solutions offer, other than Bitcoin, is customer lock-in to one particular platform that’s controlled by one vendor.

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