In order for tourists to experience all the beautiful and varied beaches of the Dominican Republic, McCann Santo Domingo worked with a travel agency to craft a color sheet – complete with actual sand from each beach – so travelers can see and feel the variety available to them.

Tourism is the main source of income for the Dominican Republic, and while the country saw more than 5.5 million tourists in 2017, the majority of them flocked to the same three destinations: Punta Cana, Bávaro and La Romana beaches.

The Dominican Republic, however, has more than 200 beaches.

The concentration of tourists flowing to only a fraction of the coastline was preventing development in other zones of the island.

McCann Santo Domingo partnered with Sweet Memories Travel Agency to promote the less-visited locations on the island.

They wanted to show tourists, who are looking to find unspoiled white sand and blue water, just how many variations of those two assets could be found on the island.

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