Snapdragon 850 is latest attempt to lure PC makers, buyers from the x86 realm

Like a lawman in an old-timey Western movie running while firing his pistol at escaping bandits, Qualcomm is running through PC land shooting out Snapdragon system-on-chips at computer manufacturers.

Today, in time for Computex in Taiwan, Qualy emitted details of the Snapdragon 850, a 64-bit Arm-compatible octo-core processor aimed at touchscreen tablet-sized smartphones disguised as laptops.

And the 845 followed the 835, which was announced in 2016 and entered production in 2017.

The problem with the SDM835-based PCs is that they carried a price tag heftier than some expected, especially given the relatively mid-range performance offered and the emulation layer encountered when running x86-only software on the Armv8-compatible chipset.

Microsoft has since released a development kit, the ARM64 SDK, allowing programmers to build 64-bit apps that run natively on the Snapdragons with the latest April update of Windows 10.

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