Google said it'll pause election ads in Washington starting Thursday, after the state's attorney general alleged the tech giant violated state campaign finance law.

On a list of its ad policies for political content, the company wrote that ads related to ballot measures and candidates for state and local elections in Washington are no longer allowed.

"We take transparency and disclosure of political ads very seriously which is why we have decided to pause state and local election ads in Washington, starting June 7, while we assess the amended campaign disclosure law and ensure that our systems are built to comply with the new requirements," a Google spokesperson said.

State Attorney General Bob Ferguson said Monday he's seeking injunctions for Google's and Facebook's alleged failures to disclose ad spending in state elections since 2013.

Copies of the lawsuits against Facebook and Google are posted on his site.

Political candidates and groups reported ad payments of about $1.5 million to Google -- along with $3.4 million to Facebook -- in the past 10 years, according to the state Public Disclosure Commission.

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