When we put up the schedule, we’ll put up the price

Events We’re very close to publishing the agenda for Serverless Computing London, which means you don’t have long left to grab one of our super value blind bird tickets for just £500 plus VAT.

Our intrepid and very talented programme committee have whittled down nearly 100 proposed papers to a two-day conference programme, plus a day of optional deep dive workshops, this coming November at 30 Euston Square.

The Serverless Computing London programme will take you from the key principles of Serverless Computing and Function as a Service, through the nuts and bolts of developing and managing your applications, and into deep dives on key tools and technologies.

As with all our events, the emphasis is on tech pros and industry experts who can offer practical, hands-on experience and advice on what the technology is, how to put it into practice, and how to manage both your applications and your team.

We’re confident you’ll find the programme compelling.

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