If, however, you delight in horror that’s so “bad” it’s gone all the way back to good – and is genuinely entertaining – have we got a fun list for you.

Blood Feast’s most infamous gag – literally – still holds up over 50 years later; you’d be hard-pressed to find a more disgusting tongue-ripping scene.

The rest of the movie, made on the cheap, hasn’t held up as well, but its kookier elements (including what’s clearly a spray-painted mannequin standing in for a statue of the goddess, and the mention of a book titled Ancient Weird Religious Rites) only add to its charm.

Anyone who drinks it melts down into a rainbow of colors, which translates to several spectacularly gross on-screen deaths; there’s also a memorable decapitation and a game of keep-away involving a certain severed male body part.

Director Jim Muro went on to become an in-demand Stedicam operator – he worked on on Terminator 2: Judgment Day, The Abyss, Point Break, Casino, and many others – and has directed a lot of TV, but Street Trash remains his sole feature directorial credit.

Not to be confused with a recent Australian horror film with the same title and similar themes, the 1977 Pack is set on an island off the coast of Canada that’s popular with vacationers but has few year-round residents.

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