India could have never been thought of as a great place to explore baked delicacies. Surprisingly, India has turned out to be an amazing place to sample cakes. This has been due to the cultural exchange and people coming from outside India to live here. Additionally, people are now opting to learn culinary skills is a major factor for the thriving bake culture in India. Cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Noida, Faridabad see a large footfall of International tourists, students, businessmen and others every day. To meet the demands of these people and Indian folks in times of craving, there are several outlets and online cake stores which cater to their demand. Thereby, turning four Indian cities into a heaven for cake lovers. Let’s check what makes them different from each other. 
Delhi-- Delhi is the capital of India. Naturally, it sees a large footfall of people from all walks of life every day. This also includes a large population of young working professionals who crave excitement every passing minute of a day. Attending anniversaries, birthdays, promotion treats and more makes their day. In these times, cafes and online cake stores come to rescue and serve them with their desired cakes. In Delhi, you will find the variety of cakes, starting from classic chocolate cakes to sophisticated mirror glaze cakes. Online cake stores here offer midnight cake delivery service which promises to deliver cakes right before midnight. This turns out to be a great service when one wants to send surprise cakes. No matter which of Delhi you live in, you will find online cake stores delivering to every nook in the city. 

Gurgaon-- Close to Delhi, this city boasts of an exciting lifestyle. This city is populated with posh cafes and eateries. Moreover, online cake stores also offer online cake delivery in GurgaonSo how much better can Gurgaon get? If you‘re craving for a hot chocolate brownie, just snuck out of your office cubicle and walk a few mins and you will find the multitude of outlets to satiate your craving. 

Noida -- Very close to Delhi, Noida displays an amazing lifestyle. This city is populated with posh shopping malls and fancy outlets where you can get the best of cakes. However, if you want to save yourself from the trouble of walking or riding to these fancy places, you can try online cake delivery in Noida service offered by several outlets and online stores, and your desired cake would be delivered within minutes to your doorstep.  You can choose from a selection of cakes including red velvet, truffle, Cheese Cake, fruit cakes and more. 

Faridabad--- Though not a metropolitan city, its proximity to Gurgaon makes it nothing less.  The number of outlets are few compared to above cities, but you will find amazing outlets selling a variety of cakes for all occasions. Alternatively, you can also try online cake stores which deliver cakes to Faridabad.   So give this a try if you’re traveling to Faridabad.