Butlins data breach caused by hackers phishing unauthorised emails.

Butlins has become the latest company to be affected by a data breach as up to 34,000 Butlins guest records were accessed by hackers.

The Hemel Hempstead-based holiday camp chain is the most recent company affected by a data breach in a list that includes the likes of Costa Coffee, Carphone Warehouse, Ticketmaster and Adidas.

Butlins have said on their website the guest records the hackers accessed included 34,000 booking reference numbers, lead guest names, holiday arrival dates, postal/email addresses and telephone numbers.

According to Verizon’s “2018 Data Breach Investigation Report”, it found phishing was the third-most used attack method for hackers as it was used in 1,192 incidents and 236 confirmed data breaches.

The report also found that 17 percent of phishing campaigns were reported despite 20 percent clicking on one phishing campaign every year.

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