Recently, for work-related issues, I’ve used the flagship phones of several major Chinese Android phone manufacturers, ranging from Xiaomi 8 and OPPO Find X to OnePlus 6.

Xiaomi’s MIUI operating system is easy to navigate, OPPO Find X’s borderless screen is stunningly beautiful, and OnePlus 6 is thin and light and feels good to hold.

I’ve used iPhones as my primary phone since the first-generation iPhone.

I changed my laptop to MacBook Air from Thinkpad and used it for a long time.

For a long period of time, I thought iPhone was my only choice as my primary phone and even though I didn’t update my phone to iPhone 8 or iPhone X, my next phone would still be an iPhone.

However, after watching Apple’s September event on Thursday (September 13th), I started feeling uncertain about that thought I had because, for the first time, I found iPhone is replaceable.

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