Gobi Partners, a Chinese VC firm with a huge presence in Southeast Asia, signed a pledge today to invest US$50 million in businesses established by women.

The signing ceremony was held in Bali, Indonesia at the Tri Hita Karana Forum 2018, which is happening in conjunction with the International Monetary Fund and World Bank annual meetings.

“I joined Gobi because it was one of the earliest funds that identified the underserved women market – I’m living proof.

We put money where our mouth is,” said venture partner Shannon Kalayanamitr, who signed the pledge on behalf of the VC.

Kalayanamitr co-founded and was the chief marketing officer of lifestyle ecommerce platform Orami, which is backed by Gobi.

Gobi made the commitment as a participant in The Billion Dollar Fund (TBDF), a global campaign organized by the Global Funders Consortium that seeks to raise US$1 billion in funding over the next decade for companies founded by women.

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