The outspoken critic of Saudi Arabia's war on Yemen walked into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul at 1 pm on Tuesday, October 2, to obtain documents for his upcoming wedding.

Saudi officials deny the allegations, and it's unclear how Turkish officials—some of whom have spoken to news outlets on the condition of anonymity—concluded that Khashoggi had been killed.

But as Reuters reported Wednesday, two of those officials say that Khashoggi's Apple Watch has factored into their ongoing investigation.

"Intelligence services, the prosecutor’s office and a technology team are working on this," the official told Reuters.

Depending on which model of Apple Watch Khashoggi had strapped to his wrist and his proximity to his phones, his wearable could have transmitted data about his location, his activity, or his heart rate to his devices—any and all of which could be used to help make clear what happened inside the consulate during the two hours in which Turkish officials say Khashoggi was assassinated.

Fitness trackers have recorded all three forms of data during instances of violent crime.

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