Bangladeshi migrant workers, a large part of the goal of Malaysia, which recently foreign workers, reducing dependence on bring is taking steps, said the country's msnbcmsncom deputy minister Mahfouz um.

‘Foreign workers dependence on loss Malaysia so many days is an important goal. This is why we are very soon, domestic staff, skilled to make the training work will start’, said Deputy Minister Mahfouz um.

A Malaysian statistics can be seen in the country currently, 20 million more than foreign workers, which has a total labor force of 19 percent. The situation in the enterprises of foreign workers on Atenista termed the current year in the number of 17 lakh in bringing down goals has set the country.

Country, these targets met, if total labor force, foreign workers rates stand at 11 percent. In the future, the highest 10 percent of the down will bring hope to the country. The deadline know anything about yet, deputy minister Umar.

By 2020, the total labor force in the local skilled workers rate is 35 percent, to promote the goal, has set, which is currently 23 percent. Tech through training, it is possible said that Human Resource-Affairs Deputy Minister.

2017 30 June in Malaysia, migrant workers, the number was 17 million 80 thousand. In the meantime, from Bangladesh to workers, the number of 2 million 21 thousand 89 people are reported to the country's interior ministry given from the data.

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