Like the Statesman in the most influential and popular of the with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina ahead to keep security analyst Major General (RET.) Abdur Rashid. Because of the current world statesman in the most life risks are in Sheikh Hasina has said that he.

Behind many political and social causes, has said The explained Abdul Rashid. He said Earth, each of the Statesman's life on risk. However, like the other statesman big risk levels when analyzed can be seen in Bangladesh, the Prime Minister's life on a risk level more than.

May. Jin. (RET.) Abdul Rashid said that in Bangladesh, fighter or grenade attack culture, we see, have come. 21 August grenade attack, prime example of. August 21 after the attack and before the prime minister on many attacks. The subject of our worried makes.

He said, We saw political pot-instead of the violent path to take for many politicians a favor of opinions expressed. Whenever seen, that any one statesman or political leader, is very popular. And his political position is very strong. If you think through the selection of him to be defeated, not when a cable, such attack planning, increases. Politically motivated attacks are always a concern.

He further said security system, there is a system. Honourable Prime Minister, security, which gave they the system inside gone through. They are now mature a lot. Many more trained and dexterous. However, the attack planning also can be susceptible, expressed Abdul Rashid.

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