Disaster management and Tremonti Mofazzal Hossain Chowdhury Maya said, 'Prime Minister the day time, will that day glow, Asian Carera will be inaugurated, we are ready, there are 25 thousand Rohingya to like taking all kind of measures have been taken.'

On Thursday (October 11) at the cyclone style deal with preparing to highlight a news conference, came these words, know he

Maya said, 'one hundred thousand Rohingya for GLOW sex F infrastructure construction, including that Asrayan project, the government is implementing last October 4, his inauguration was supposed to Prime Minister. But time shortage, he in the still glow sex f go.'

Glow Asian F One hundred thousand Rohingyas to ‘temporarily’ keep will be know most Maya said, 'they are Myanmar citizens. The country's citizens, as well as with respect to the country can be returned, it is a we want.'

'When the Rohingya, a when it comes had bones essential was clothes, not appearance, was not ...clothes or not, ignorance or not. Them to see ... now if you go to see what the situation, hefty there'- added the minister.

Over the past few decades, Cox's Bazar refugee camp, and his outside position to take Rohingya of many social problems in the context of their Noakhali island BMW tool near the Meghna estuary of been Island glow sex F plans to remove the government. Continuation of 2017, towards the end of the present government, the 2312 crore project was passed.

Under Have than Meghna estuary of bean Island, the Qing God, Union, glow, Asian f, about 10 thousands of one size of that F One hundred thousand of more people to live to 120 bunch in the village, 1440 the barrack House and 120 of the shelter center construction of work begins. This Asrayan project, the implementation of the Bangladesh Navy. 2019, in November, in the project's work to end goal determined.

Project officials told glow can f the whole project, 80 percent of work has ended. Rohingya have for the House has been cyclone shelters have been goods to godowns includes dam construction and sea from the cargo name to the pier is blocked.

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