Taiwanese audio gear company MidiPlus has announced a new product called Mirror that is incomparably sexist.

It’s an audio interface that’s designed to look like an eyeshadow palette, including a light-up mirror.

The website says it’s “specially designed for females,” since women can only be tricked into using gear when being tantalized by pretty, shiny objects.

People have been pinging me about this product since last night, and to be frank, I’m writing about it partially so I stop getting pinged.

An audio interface designed like an eyeshadow kit is practically parody.

It reminds me of when Spinnin’ Records got in trouble in 2013 for tweeting a CDJ that looks like a stove, saying, “Thanks @PioneerDJ for finally developing a CD-J suitable for women.” It’s been five years, and we’ve gone from tasteless jokes about sexist audio equipment to companies actually producing sexist audio equipment.

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