Gear announcements and industry trade shows go together like lenses and filters — and the Consumer Electronics Show tends to bring the first photo products of the year.

While CES 2019 didn’t unveil any new mirrorless or DSLR cameras outside a prototype stage, the show floor brought unique accessories, a (somewhat) affordable 8K camera, an A.I.-powered autofollow camera, binoculars that also take photos, 1 TB memory cards, and more.

While we still don’t have a full specification sheet, Panasonic shared that both cameras will have a High Resolution Shot mode, along with a Hybrid Log Gamma Mode.

Sharp hasn’t produced a consumer camera in years — though the company launched a professional 8K broadcast camera in Japan in 2017 — making the prototype one of the more surprising displays in the show.

Nikon’s Z series gained the widest angle lens yet for the young line, a 14-30mm f/4.

Because of the new Z mount design, the lens is still able to accommodate screw-in filters at the front, a rarity for ultrawide lenses.

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