You’re never going to be the tall, willowy model with perfect skin whose hair always dazzles in slow motion as you spin it through the air — because there’s no slow-motion cameraman following you around, if for no other reason.

But though many beauty products promise seemingly impossible results, there may actually be a magic wand you could wave to restore some of the natural-looking beauty of your skin, according to attendees at CES 2019.

It’s called the Opté Precision Skincare System, and what it promises actually sounds plausible with today’s technology — a gadget that can detect the color and pigmentation of your skin, spot blemishes, and precisely apply tiny jets of the exact right color makeup to those blemishes, without affecting the rest of your skin at all.

According to a press release, the wand is basically a really fancy handheld thermal inkjet printer with 120 nozzles, plus a camera that captures 200 pictures of your skin each second, that deposits 1 billionth of a liter on each skin spot it detects.

The result looks more like those skin-smoothing beauty filters in your camera app than traditional makeup — only here, people in the real world get to see the effect on your actual face as well.

Journalists at the BBC and VentureBeat applied it to their own faces and seemed impressed with the results.

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