For sky watchers in parts of north Asia, the new year will begin with the moon taking a "bite" out of the sun a few weeks before the rest of us are treated to the spooky-sounding conjunction of celestial events known as a "super blood wolf moon."

Altogether there will six eclipses observable from planet Earth in 2019, including a total solar eclipse over parts of the Pacific, Chile and Argentina on July 2 like the one that wowed multitudes across the US in the summer of 2017.

But there's also a partial solar eclipse coming up this weekend, on Jan. 6.

While much less dramatic than the spectacular sight of a total eclipse, the moon will partially cover the sun for up to a minute and 43 seconds.

Observing this, however, will require special protective solar eclipse eyewear that can be purchased online.

Remember, looking at the sun without such protection is, of course, very dangerous.

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