Adding 4G LTE connectivity to a smartwatch makes it more useful, and can also mean you can leave your smartphone behind if you don’t really need it and still remain in contact.

A ridiculous mouthful of a name, but behind this is a smart wearable that — provided you’re aware of its limitations — could be exactly the device casual fitness fans want.

The underlying technology and fitness features on the 4G LTE model are exactly the same as the regular VivoActive 3 Music, so you have a 1.2-inch screen with a 240 x 240 pixel resolution, which is functional rather than being outstanding, the ability to store around 500 songs, plus the Garmin Pay contactless payment system.

The wireless connection enables active GPS when out running, plus streaming music from selected services too of course.

If you’re out running, hiking, or doing another activity and fall down, the watch is aware and will send an emergency message to three contacts.

You can send quick replies, or tap out simple responses using an alphanumeric keyboard.

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