Scruggs, who was born 95 years ago this month, developed his own three-finger method of picking the five-string banjo – a style so radical it's now widely referred to as "Scrugg's style."

His style, which features picks attached to the thumb, index finger and middle finger, has become a defining characteristic of bluegrass music and the most popular style of playing banjo in the genre.

Google dedicated an animated Doodle to Scruggs on Friday, highlighting his radically different style, which helped elevate the status of the instrument from a background instrument to one that now commands the spotlight.

After his father died when Scruggs was four, the young boy seemed to find solace by spending his spare time practicing the banjo -- when not in school or doing his farm chores.

His first radio performance was at the age of 11.

The Coen brothers played homage to the band in the 2000 film Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

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