CES wouldn’t be complete without a diverse catalog of autonomous shuttles presented as the next breakthrough in public and private transportation.

Most are design studies that haven’t made the leap from the concept stage to the production stage yet, but the companies developing them are working around the clock to turn them into a reality.

They’ll need human help to navigate — and, according to the more bullish analysts, dominate — the world’s megacities, however.

“This is why we brought the shuttle concept to CES, to give people an idea of what could be happening,” Mike Mansuetti, the president of Bosch’s North American division, told Digital Trends during CES 2019.

The German firm won’t make its own shuttle, but it wants to provide hardware and software to companies that do.

Its expertise could benefit traditional automakers, like Volvo, and it could also help tech companies such as Uber and Lyft get a shuttle service off the ground.

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