For the past few years, Chinese car company GAC has had a significant presence at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit despite not offering any vehicles in the US.

This year, GAC is back with a new concept called the Entranze, announced Friday, as well as the North American debut of its latest minivan and SUV.

The Entranze concept was developed by GAC in its Advanced Design Center in Los Angeles and is meant to be a self-driving modern family vehicle.

GAC's press release doesn't give us much more than that and the teaser image is also fairly vague, but given GAC's previous concepts, we could be in for something weird.

The GM6 minivan got its world debut recently in China, but this is the first time we're seeing it in the Western hemisphere.

It's packing 99 cubic feet of cargo space and what GAC is calling a "five-star safety package" and an AI-enhanced intelligent driving system.

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