Hope you might be well aware of the popularity surrounding any video content apps. And what do you think about the gamification on a live streaming app?

This is some innovative business you can start today just by using a video sharing script .

Digital games, it has come into three different ages.

First, it was brick and mortars.  

Second, it came into online.

And the third it is at present.

Vying to join with cloud compatible live streaming apps. And this is considered to be the best way forward in future for both gaming and video streaming business industry.

“The greatest disruption of entertainment is the combination of streaming and subscription,” says Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts.

Then if you can’t make money through paid streaming or through subscriptions. Here are a few efficient ways to make money with a gaming live video streaming business model.

Games on ads

The gaming companies have got two ways to capture users. One is to go outright launch of their games owns their website. And the other is to provide some demo or free samples to play in between videos on any video streaming apps.

The latter idea will be like ads in between or after the video. You can have an ad for a game with a start button to click to play. And for every clicks you can charge a fee from the advertiser.

Virtual gifts

And you can let your platform completely for gaming companies to use for hosting. Recently many online games have got virtual gifts. These gifts are to intrigue the players with some kind of appreciation for their efforts in the game. This will encourage them to play more. And at one stage they will fall crazy for it.

The virtual gifts can be anything like coins, keys, diamonds, cash, etc. These gifts are awarded to users on achieving a level or at small like some coins for each game played.

The players can use these to get out of jail kind of situations and to skip any some difficult levels. Coins are granted for each played games and if continued for long a player can collect a diamond or something which is useful in a make or die situations.

When players keep on playing they will get attached to the game. And might spend collected coins and gifts to cross levels.

At any stage, if a player is short of anything like coins or diamond which will help them take a chance and cross a level. Then you can bring up an option like purchase gifts for an amount.

This is purchasing a virtual gift for real money. Players who are really crazy about gaming will readily purchase it. So it lets them continue gaming not waiting until they can collect enough amount of coins again.

When any player purchases a gift from a gamer. You can set a percentage of commission for each sale.

Then can make things interesting with live chats on games and share options. To help players to share the gift to help their friends.

Wrap up

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot agrees that streamed video games will become a significant part of his company’s earnings within five years. But he says Netflix-like platform business model won’t work for games, preferring instead a “publisher channel” model that allows each game publisher to maintain a direct relationship with its players.

So you can make all this happen on an affiliate video sharing app or by implementing a publisher channel model with a video sharing script.