Starting a business in Dubai may seem simple and easy, but without the right help and guidance it can be a hard and daunting process, and you will waste a lot of time and money, thus instead of focusing on the business setup obstacles, you will focus more on your business plan and profits. 

Furthermore, starting a business in Dubai includes several steps, the most important one is to settle on the most effective legal structure for your business, this usually depends on the activity of your new company, and how far are your willing to protect your business. 

Additionally, there are several differences between starting a mainland company and a freezone company. The main differences are the nature of ownership, the liability limit, the need for UAE nationals as partners or service agents and the nature of economic benefits. 

Investors usually choose a mainland business for its benefits, there are many advantages of starting a business in Dubai mainland, this includes the flexibility to do business setup in any part of the UAE, besides no limit on the number of visas you can get, and more business activities available for you to choose from. 

Our profound experience and our Business setup experts are all the help you need, you can depend on our business setup solutions, where we turn knowledge into value for the benefit of our clients, and we help companies to start and grow their businesses with confidence. 

We at Paso Corporate Services can make your Business Setup process fast and hassle-free, we offer you a one stop shop for all your business startup needs.