Pai's ascension to FCC's top spot likely isn't good news for net neutrality and an open internet.President Donald Trump is expected to name current Republican FCC commissioner Ajit Pai to the agency s top job, sources told Politico on Friday.Pai would be able to assume the role of chairman immediately after appointment as he was already confirmed by the senate as a Barack Obama appointee in May 2012.Pai is a strong opponent of net neutrality and seems like a logical appointment given the Trump administration s need to fill at least 690 cabinet and sub-cabinet level positions requiring congressional approval.His opinions also seem to jive well with Trump s stated desire to roll back Obama-era regulations that he believes hurts businesses.However, Pai was widely seen as a top choice for the job.
A number of Twitter users tonight are claiming their accounts have somehow automatically followed the Twitter accounts, @POTUS, @FLOTUS and @VP – now in the hands of the Trump administration – even though they had never followed the White House accounts, had unfollowed these accounts before the transition, or had the accounts blocked.As reported earlier, all the tweets from Obama s term as president were archived under the new Twitter account, @POTUS44, and his then 13 million-plus followers were also migrated.The account is up to over 14 million at the time of writing.In addition, Obama s followers were also set to automatically follow the new @POTUS account, now operated by the Trump team.It s possible that some of the Twitter complaints are related to a misunderstanding about how this transition process works.They may not have been aware that they were going to be auto-followed to Trump s @POTUS account when he took office.
The Department of the Interior temporarily suspended all activity on its Twitter accounts after one of its agencies, the National Park Service, retweeted seemingly critical messages about President Donald Trump on Friday.One retweet involved a post with side-by-side photos suggesting that Trump s inauguration was poorly attended compared to Barack Obama s. The NPS also retweeted a post stating that civil rights, climate change, and health care had been scrubbed clean from the White House website.Looks like the Trump administration hasn t taken control of the @NatlParkService Twitter feed just yet.— Binyamin Appelbaum @BCAppelbaum January 20, 2017The mandate to stop tweeting came from the Department of the Interior communications team, said NPS s chief of public affairs, Tom Crosson.Two retweets from the National Park Service s main Twitter account Friday were inconsistent with the agency s approach to engaging the public through social media, Crosson said in a statement emailed to The Huffington Post.
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Saturday acknowledged that his company had made more than a half million people follow President Donald Trump.We made some mistakes, Dorsey tweeted, adding that the errors had been corrected.The apparent glitch occurred as Twitter automatically switched followers of the @POTUS presidential account to both the archived account of former President Barack Obama, @POTUS44, and to the @POTUS account now belonging to Trump.The news followed complaints on Twitter from people saying they had unfollowed the @POTUS account because of the Trump transition but found themselves following him anyway.Some 560,000 people were affected, Dorsey said.It wasn t right, we own it, and we apologize.No excuses, he tweeted.Obama has returned to his previous Twitter account, @BarackObama.Back to the original handle.Is this thing still on?
Today, the United States gained a new President, First Lady and Vice President.Those people inherited the official Twitter accounts of their predecessors.In turn, some of those not supportive of the new administration unfollowed those accounts.As it turns out, Twitter has caused many people to follow these accounts again, against their will.Yesterday, I stopped following the @POTUS account that was used by President Barack Obama who is now at @BarackObama before @POTUS switched to President Donald Trump today.Vice President Joe Biden now at @JoeBiden had been using @VP, which I also dropped yesterday.
Former President Obama is heading off for a well-earned vacation, but before going to his undisclosed but hopefully sunny and isolated location, he took to his old personal Twitter handle, @BarackObama, to promote the launch of his new website, old handle has been run by the non-profit Organizing for Action since 2013, but Obama appears to have taken back control, having left @POTUS in the small hands of Donald Trump.Back to the original handle.Is this thing still on?Michelle and I are off on a quick vacation, then we ll get back to work.He used the change of venue as an opportunity to plug, the website from which he and Michelle will be coordinating much of their work going forward.
Minutes after the inauguration, the White House s LGBT rights page disappeared, as well as any mention of the terms climate change and global warming.The @POTUS Twitter account has been handed over to Trump and the first thing he tweeted was a Facebook link.Tech politics aside, protests at Palantir over a supposed Muslim registry list occurred, Google acquired Fabric away from Twitter and Mark Zuckerberg appeared in a Dallas courtroom in defense of Oculus in an explosive $2 billion lawsuit.The court analyzed the help that Oculus founder Palmer Luckey sought from the employee of ZeniMax-owned games company id Software, John Carmack, when he was building his initial VR headset product.The Facebook CEO remained defiant of the claims, telling the court that Oculus products are based on Oculus technology.Among them, Facebook agreed to pay $700 million in employee retention bonuses for key people.
One question regarding the transition was how the social media handoff would occur between outgoing former President Obama and President Trump.And now about an hour in, some of these accounts are starting to switch over.The most important one is probably @POTUS on Twitter, which now redirects to a new page for President Trump.While it only says he has about 4M followers now, this number will eventually creep back up to the almost 14M followed that former President Obama has on his account as Twitter completes the migration.Notably President Trump hasn t tweeted anything from the @POTUS account yet, but has tweeted about 10 times in the last hour from his personal @realDonaldTrump handle.He did tell us to expect this though, since his personal handle has about 10 million more followers than @POTUS does.
Today s transition of power means the White House website is undergoing a few transitions of its own.We re approaching two hours after Trump officially became our 45th President, and his transition to the White House has already led to change — to the official White House website.Gone are all mentions sitewide of climate change.Also missing is the former LGBT rights page, which now redirects to an opt-in form to receive the Trump newsletter.I want to chalk this up to a transitional mistake, but the deletion of all mentions of climate change isn t as simple to explain away as a page that once had Obama s face on it.The latter seems a logical removal that could be re-added once staffers change it over to feature President Trump.
PSA: The @POTUS Twitter account is no longer managed by Barack Obama s team.As of his inauguration today, the account belongs to the 45th President of the United States and noted Twitter aficionado – Donald J Trump.Given how active Trump already was with his personal Twitter account, @realDonaldTrump, it s not clear how the president will divvy up his blurbs.However, even now that the inauguration has passed, there have been several tweets from his personal account – mostly recounting his inaugural speech – while @POTUS remains empty.— Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump January 20, 2017It s also worth noting that Donald Trump s personal Twitter has more followers than @POTUS does anyway.
the Us president Donald Trump in his inaugural speech on Friday in rainy Washington contains two messages: what Trump said and what he left unsaid."to the Best of my ability, serve, protect, and defend the united states.Everyone knows that the Trump of the reconstruction projects included road and bridge improvements, south of the border wall and the closed coal mines and rusting of the steel mills to open again.New ideas not heard, and the project financing plan.Trump thanked his predecessor Barack Obama and his wife Michelle of assistance during the transitional period.This administration has people controlled," Trump stressed the transformation of the former.
WASHINGTON ― With a new president comes a new presidential website.Gone are sections like Civil Rights and Reducing Gun Violence and in are pages like America First Energy Plan and America First Foreign Policy.But people also quickly noticed that certain pages seemed to have disappeared altogether.Advocacy groups for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer equality quickly condemned the Trump administration for scrubbing mentions of their community.There is a good chance that Trump s will not have a specific section on LGBTQ rights.That s not surprising, since it was not a focus of his campaign and he has spoken out against full equality.
And so the transition of power begins.First up is the site where several pages are now changing or altogether disappearing — including a page on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights.It s just been over an hour since Trump took office and has now been replaced by a Trump transitionsplash page.The Obama administration introduced the White House LGBT page to highlight major legislative achievements, historic court victories and important policy changes for gay and transgender people.The page also shined a spotlight on certain campaigns for gay rights such as the It Gets Better campaign to help those in the LGBT community struggling with thoughts of suicide.That campaign, as of this writing, still redirects to a Strengthening Civil Rights page.
Trump s administration is acting quickly to dangerously reimagine reality, deleting all specific mentions of climate change and global warming as well as removing an entire page dedicated to the subject at the URL, which is no longer an active link.Motherboard noticed the change when it occurred at noon ET, when the official changeover took place.A screenshot of how it appeared under President Obama is included below for references, and you can view a live version courtesy of the Wayback Machine.The White House official website also used to list Climate Change as a Top Issue, but now the closest equivalent is American First Energy Plan, which lets to a statement about Trump s broad policy goals in terms of U.S. energy policies, focusing on protectionist resource usage measures.The page also includes this troubling passage, indicating in no uncertain terms Trump s goals as they pertain to the issue his new administration website won t even call out by name:For too long, we ve been held back by burdensome regulations on our energy industry.
Following Obama s farewell address last week, he tweeted:— President Obama @POTUS January 11, 2017As a woman in tech, I am vaguely familiar the struggle for minorities in such a fast paced and absolutely necessary industry, I felt it necessary to pay tribute to the man who has not only inspired multiple demographics, but has also vastly increased the value and support of technology – an industry close to my heart and paycheck .Because in only eight years, Obama, you moved mountains in the tech world.You secured commitments from institutional investors to commit to increase the diversity and to take steps to attract and retain a diverse student body.Your progressive immigration policies helped the tech sector to attract and retain some of the brightest minds on earth.
Two year old federal net neutrality rules, which prevent Internet service providers from blocking or slowing websites and online services, could be an early casualty of the new Trump administration.On Friday, Politico reported that the incoming president had decided to elevate current Republican commissioner Ajit Pai to be the new chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, which adopted the rules.Pai met with Trump in New York on Monday.Pai, 44, has been outspoken in his opposition to the rules, which defined Internet service as a common carrier function, much like traditional phone service.Courts had struck down several earlier attempts to prevent online discrimination, saying the FCC lacked authority to impose regulations without the common carrier designation.A former lawyer for Verizon, Pai also worked on the staff of the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Justice Department s antitrust unit.In a speech in Washington last month after Trump s electoral victory, Pai vowed that Republicans on the commission would take a weed whacker to a variety of rules adopted under Obama appointee and former Democratic chairman Tom Wheeler.Wheeler resigned on Friday and warned Republicans that eliminating the net neutrality rules would be harmful.Pai, in his speech last month, took the opposite view and specifically critiqued the net neutrality rules, which rely on laws in Title II of the federal Communications Act.On the day that the Title II Order was adopted, I said that I don t know whether this plan will be vacated by a court, reversed by Congress, or overturned by a future Commission, but I do believe that its days are numbered, Pai said in the speech.Today, I am more confident than ever that this prediction will come true.
Back in 2008, just months after he entered the White House and years before social media became the juggernaut it is today, President Obama was the world's most-followed person on Twitter, with just 60,000 followers.He was closely followed by Stephen Fry, at a time when verified accounts did not exist and 'manual retweeting' was the norm.Now, the official POTUS President of the United States account has 13.6 million followers, Barack Obama has some 80.8 million and Donald Trump, who spent much of his presidential campaign on the social network, has 20.6 million.On Facebook, POTUS has 3.8 million likes, Obama has 52.8 million and Trump has 17.8 million.But what happens to these accounts when a new president is sworn into office?Are they wiped, forcing the newcomer to build a social media presence from scratch?
What's more, as FCC chief Tom Wheeler steps down today, the FCC enjoys a GOP majority that has promised to gut net neutrality rules "," a move that's backed by many ISPs.And Trump's rumored pick to head the FCC and replace the departing Wheeler, Republican Ajit Pai, says net neutrality's "."At stake is a net neutrality order the FCC adopted in 2015 prohibiting ISPs from blocking or throttling traffic or giving priority to Web services in exchange for payment.The order also set up a complaint process to prevent "unjust" or "unreasonable" pricing and practices.The threat of complaints to the FCC helped put an end to several disputes between ISPs and other network operators over network interconnection payments, which improved Internet service quality for many subscribers.Trump's thinking has likely spurred him to fossil-fuel-friendly Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to lead the Environmental Protection Agency.
After Barack Obama handed the country and the Twitter handle over to Donald Trump, the outgoing president wasted little time in tweeting from his private Twitter account, which had been basically only used to retweet from the POTUS account since Jan. 19, 2009.Obama may have worried his old account was a little rusty.Back to the original handle.Is this thing still on?Michelle and I are off on a quick vacation, then we ll get back to work.— Barack Obama @BarackObama January 20, 2017
Find out how you can keep up with America's 45th President and his administration on social mediaDonald J. Trump was sworn into office on Friday as the 45th President of the United States.Seeing as Barack Obama, the now-former commander-in-chief, was known as the first social media president, Trump has some pretty big shoes to fill when it comes to his online interactions with the public.One thing s for sure: The new president is no stranger to social media, and he won t be ditching his infamous @realDonaldTrump Twitter account any time soon.The new Twitter accounts Trump and his administration will inherit include @POTUS for President Trump, @FLOTUS for the First Lady Melania Trump, @VP for Vice President Mike Pence, @PressSec for Press Secretary Sean Spicer, and @WhiteHouse.More: It takes a team to make Mark Zuckerberg s Facebook page look better than yours