February 22nd, 2018 was the day when the FCC released their “final rule” document to destroy Net Neutrality.This document came with the name “Restoring Internet Freedom Order” attached to it.It announced the date when the effective enforcement of the elimination of rules imposed by the Title II Order.In 60 days from the Final Rule document, the so-called Restoring Internet Freedom Order will go into force.This document aimed to reinstate the information service classification of broadband internet access service.This was meant to end the Public-Utility classification of internet access service enacted under the FCC board in power under President Barack Obama.
In 2012, the Obama administration unveiled a two hundred million dollar initiative to facilitate the growth of the Big Data industry and demonstrate its potential in large-scale markets.The statement went on to say, “we also want to challenge industry, research universities, and nonprofits to join with the Administration to make the most of the opportunities created by Big Data”.Since the launch of the Hype Cycle, technology consulting firm Gartner has failed to include Big Data on its list of emerging technologies.However, due to its lack of adoption and maturity, Big Data did not meet the requirements to be considered an emerging technology.In comparison to these other industries, it has shown very limited signs of growth.The incredibly modest demand and enthusiasm for Big Data in the market has meant that many consulting firms like Gartner have continued to dismiss it — even with large-scale government initiatives.
It appears that the Google app for Android is suffering from a bizarre glitch that breaks its interface anytime someone tries searching how to send a message to Barack Obama.As spotted by observant users on Reddit, what triggers the bug is the search input – or namely ‘how to send a message to Barack Obama.” Instead of Obama’s contact details, the search breeds a long string of incomprehensible characters.Here’s what happens when you type in the ‘magic’ words:Whatever the cause of the bug is, it doesn’t seem to be affecting the overall functionality of the Google app.This means you can go on browsing through your content feed pretty much uninterrupted.We tried reproducing the glitch by searching for how to “send a message to Donald Trump” and the app handled the request without any hiccups.
But it may not be the end of the story, as dozens of groups are expected to file lawsuits challenging the repeal and Democrats in Congress push to reverse the FCC's action.The FCC will publish the final notice of the repeal in the Federal Register on Thursday, which will start a 60-day clock until the rules are removed.The FCC voted to repeal the rules on Dec. 14.In 2015, under President Barack Obama, a Democrat-led FCC passed rules that barred broadband companies from slowing down or blocking access to certain websites or services.It also prohibited internet companies from charging a fee to access customers more quickly.Companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter supported the rules.
After Donald Trump's torrent of fiery tweets over the weekend about the ongoing Russian investigation, the president once again took to Twitter to wish people a happy and "reflective" President's Day."Have a great, but very reflective, President's Day!"the commander-in-chief tweeted on Monday morning, 19 February, commemorating the federal holiday.A few hours later, he followed up with a jab at his predecessor Barack Obama and his dealing with Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential elections."Obama was President up to, and beyond, the 2016 Election.So why didn't he do something about Russian meddling?"
In late January, Apple previewed an iOS feature that would allow consumers to access their electronic health records on their phones.Optimists argued that Apple was capable of translating health data into something meaningful for consumers.But the announcement portends great things for consumers and the app developers seeking to serve them, from our perspectives as the former US chief technology officer under President Obama, and as an early adopter of the Apple service as Rush University Medical Center’s chief information officer.That’s because Apple has committed to an open API for health care records—specifically, the Argonaut Project specification of the HL7 Fast Health Interoperability Resources—so your doctor or hospital can participate with little extra effort.This move is a game-changer for three reasons: It affirms there is one common path to open up electronic health records data for developers so they can focus on delighting consumers rather than chasing records.It encourages other platform companies to build on that path, rather than pursue proprietary systems.
Remember waaaaay back in 2011, when we saw publication of the last book in the "Song of Ice and Fire" series -- the books that inspired HBO's "Game of Thrones"?"Somebody That I Used to Know" by Gotye was a big hit."Captain America: The First Avenger" was a new movie."Breaking Bad" still had two seasons to run.Hang on to those 2011 memories, because you've still got time to wait for "The Winds of Winter," George R.R.Martin said this week on his personal site, Not a Blog, that "Winds" won't come out until after the first volume of his House Targaryen history, "Fire & Blood," is published.
The world has been deprived of Chris Rock’s salient insight on the world for too long, but the wait is soon coming to an end.On Tuesday, February 13, Rock and Netflix announced the stand-up comedian’s long-awaited special on the streaming service will arrive on Valentine’s Day.The special, Chris Rock: Tamborine, is directed by comedian Bo Burnham.Tamborine was filmed at New York City’s Brooklyn Academy of Music, where Rock performed in November for two intimate shows during his Total Blackout tour in 2017.Rock released the trailer announcing the Valentine’s Day release date on his Instagram:Tonight at midnight (PT) my new Standup special Tamborine becomes available on Netflix.
Welcome back to your guide to finding out what's new online.Every week, we put together a podcast that lets you know what's been added to services like Netflix, Hulu and (sometimes) Amazon Prime.The audio is about a minute or two long.David Letterman's new talk show is back with its second episode on Friday, Feb. 9.The first episode featured President Barack Obama and its tone was decidedly different than Letterman's "Late Show" and "Late Night" programs.Six episodes will air on a monthly schedule.
HBO is bringing the popular left-wing podcast Pod Save America to TV this fall with a series of hour-long specials.The podcast is hosted Jon Favreau, Dan Pfeiffer, Tommy Vietor and Jon Lovett, all alums of the Obama administration.They started out by hosting the podcast Keepin’ it 1600 for The Ringer (a site backed by HBO), before launching a new podcast in January from their new startup, Crooked Media.The podcast offers a discussion of recent political headlines from an insider-y (but not too insider-y) perspective, along with interviews with liberal politicians (guests include Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren) and other newsmakers.Apparently it’s been downloaded 175 million times.“We are so grateful that HBO is taking a chance on us, even though these live shows will have so few dragons and sex robots,” said Favreau, Lovett and Vietor in the announcement.
Boris Johnson has been accused of acting in a “shameful” way after he decided to allow Bermuda to reverse the right of gay couples to marry.However Foreign Office minister Harriet Baldwin told the Commons on Thursday that while the government was “disappointed” with Bermuda’s decision, Johnson had decided it “wouldn’t be appropriate” to intervene.Baldwin said while Johnson could overrule Bermuda in “exceptional circumstances” - this test had not been met.Labour backbencher David Lammy said the government was on the “wrong side of human rights”.“And that is why leaders like Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu and Barack Obama have not just fought for race rights, but they have fought for rights of lesbian, gay and bisexual people.The FCO claims to stand for LGBT+ rights, yet in a territory THEY GOVERN they are waving through the repealing of same-sex marriage.
Donald Trump appears to have stopped taking credit for the performance of the stock market.Coincidentally – or not – he’s fallen shtum as the Dow Jones fell by more than 1,150 points, erasing all the gains it has made for the year.Speaking at an event in Ohio on Monday afternoon, the President was notably silent on the market, despite repeatedly taking credit for its performance when indices were rising (see analysis below).White House spokesman Raj Shah, in an adjustment to the administration’s usual message about stocks, told Reuters aboard Air Force One en route to Ohio on Sunday: “Look, markets do fluctuate in the short term.We all know that ...But the fundamentals of this economy are very strong and they’re headed in the right direction.”
New Jersey has become the latest state to enact its own net neutrality regulations following the Federal Communications Commission's dismantling of the controversial Obama-era regulations.Phil Murphy on Monday signed an executive order requiring internet service providers that do business with the state adhere to the principles of net neutrality.That means broadband providers wouldn't be allowed to throttle traffic or create internet "fast lanes.""And, it certainly doesn't give certain companies or individuals a right to pay their way to the front of the line."Supporters of net neutrality say the rules, which were adopted in 2015 under President Barack Obama, are necessary to ensure broadband companies don't abuse their power as gatekeepers of the internet.Companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter supported the 2015 rules.
Anyone who is familiar with the FCC chairman's rhetoric over the past few years could make two safe predictions about this report.To support its argument, the report claims that broadband deployment projects that were started during the Obama administration were somehow caused by Pai's deregulatory policies.The full report was released Friday, so now we can take a deeper look at its conclusions and reasoning.If the FCC finds that broadband isn't being deployed quickly enough, it has to "take immediate action to accelerate deployment of such capability by removing barriers to infrastructure investment and by promoting competition in the telecommunications market."Data “does not yet reflect” benefits of net neutrality repealThe lack of data since the FCC got "back on the right track" doesn't change the finding.
The shoe not only touches Best Jordans Shoes lovers but is also of historic significance which is an exquisite touch from the Air Jordan brand.It has certainly set the way for other brands to follow by not only making arguably the best sneakers in the world but also using their craftsmanship to create awareness in the best way they can.The release of this shoe will make great significance for Latest Jordans Shoes fans as they get a new way of celebrating their African-American history.One of this achievements has been printed on the shoe and is the date that Barack Obama awarded Michael Jordan with the Medal of Freedom; November the 22nd 2016, the date is printed in the sneaker to commemorate Jordan’s achievement.The shoe acknowledges how important the occasion was and will stand to commemorate Cheap Jordan Shoes achievement on this day.The use of the Pan-African flag also speaks to the black people with the colors Red, Black, and Green having a much deeper meaning of black people’s lives; the bloodshed, the African ancestry, and liberation.
As a privacy and public policy adviser, Dipayan Ghosh once worked to improve Facebook from the inside.Now a fellow at the New America Foundation, from 2015 to 2017 Ghosh helped to develop Facebook’s public positions on issues related to privacy, telecommunications, and ethical algorithms.Ghosh, who previously served as a White House technology adviser under President Barack Obama, was troubled by the results of the 2016 election, and the role Facebook played in influencing voters.Together with Ben Scott, a senior adviser at New America, last week Ghosh published “Digital Deceit: The Technologies Behind Precision Propaganda on the Internet.”In it, Ghosh and Scott argue that Russian interference in the 2016 election was the tip of a very large iceberg — and that things are about to get worse.“Political disinformation succeeds because it follows the structural logic, benefits from the products, and perfects the strategies of the broader digital advertising market,” they write.
The official, confirming the gist of a report from Axios.com, said the option was being debated at a low level in the administration and was six to eight months away from being considered by the president himself.The 5G network concept is aimed at addressing what officials see as China’s threat to U.S. cyber security and economic security.The Trump administration has taken a harder line on policies initiated by predecessor Barack Obama on issues ranging from Beijing’s role in restraining North Korea to Chinese efforts to acquire U.S. strategic industries.This month AT was forced to scrap a plan to offer its customers handsets built by China’s Huawei after some members of Congress lobbied against the idea with federal regulators, sources told Reuters.Some members of the House intelligence committee remain troubled by security threats posed by Huawei and ZTE, according to a congressional aide.Issues raised in a 2012 committee report about the Chinese firms have “never subsided,” the aide said, adding that there was newer classified intelligence that recently resurfaced those concerns.
More than two thirds of Britons oppose inviting Donald Trump to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, a poll has revealed.Some 69% think the US President should not go to the wedding in Windsor on May 19, compared with just 23% who thought he should.Even if ex-president Barack Obama, a friend of Harry’s, were invited, 54% of people would still oppose inviting Trump, the Ipsos Mori poll found.FABRICE COFFRINI via Getty ImagesWomen are much likely to oppose Trump’s invitation - 78% compared with 58% of men.Four fifths of Labour voters oppose one, compared with 63% of Conservative voters.
The FCC’s wildly unpopular decision to kill net neutrality has sent legislators, companies and individuals scrambling for ways to keep the Obama era regulations in place.A new bid by Montana Governor Steve Bullock would cut through much of the red tape and force internet service providers to abide by earlier net neutrality rules.Bullock, a second term Democrat, told The New York Times that he plans to sign an executive order today that would bar any ISP with a state government contract from blocking or charging added fees for access to existing website.“If you want to do business with Montana,” the Governor said in the interview, “there are standards on net neutrality you will have to follow.”The new rule would impact any new or newly renewed contract inked after July 1 of this year.The list of providers that would likely be impacted includes some of the industry’s biggest names.
On August 24th in 2016, an 87,563-acre plot of land in the heart of Maine was designated the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument by former President Barack Obama.Although met with controversy on all sides, the area had yet been explored on a large scale.In September 2017, a team of four Maine-born photographers set out on a three-part journey through Katahdin Woods and Waters to investigate.To refocus attention from the debate back onto why the monument was created in the first place: to protect and encourage public access to Maine’s outdoor resources.The vast land is adjacent to Baxter State Park and was donated by the Quimby Family Foundation in addition to funds that would jumpstart its establishment.The location boasts premier hiking, canoeing, mountain biking, camping, hunting, fishing, kayaking, wildlife viewing, and sightseeing.