$97 million were spent to protect President Barack Obama during his eight years in office.At the current rate, protecting Donald Trump and his family will cost hundreds of millions more.To give some perspective, according to The Washington Post, three trips to Mar-a-lago have already cost taxpayers $10 million.Officials also estimate that it would cost New York City $500,000 a day, or $183 million a year, just to guard Trump Tower.Wouldn't it be something if gun-toting conservatives who so fervently backed Trump during the election, might now have to place their guns up on Ebay just to pay the taxes for Presidential security?Or maybe they could step and take over guard duty.
Web developer Celso Mireles used to panic whenever he drove past a police car.So, as a formerly undocumented immigrant to the U.S., Mireles understands the fear taking hold across the U.S. as the administration of President Donald Trump moves to make good on promises to deport many of the estimated 11 million Mexicans illegally in the country.Mexican-born Mireles was 3 when his parents left low-paid factory jobs near the American border, flew to America and overstayed their visas, according to a 2012 report from CNN.Though he s recently obtained legal U.S. residency, Mireles spent more than 25 years as an undocumented alien, watching friends and members of his community getting deported, Vice s Motherboard reported.Now he s taking action, with heavyweight backing, to protect undocumented people from federal immigration authorities.Mireles, 27, is building an app intended to enable verified, crowdsourced warnings about immigration raids so undocumented individuals can be alerted and avoid them, according to Motherboard.The project fits perfectly with the goals of Stanford University s Liberationtech program, which promotes use of technology to address issues around democracy, freedom and human rights, a university researcher said.Celso s effort falls right under our mission statement, and we felt the need to help,  to design technologies to promote the human rights of immigrant populations, Stanford researcher and policy expert Yosem Companys, moderator for the Liberationtech platform, told Motherboard.Mireles started building the app, called redadalertas raid alerts , when former President Barack Obama was deporting undocumented immigrants at a record-setting pace, Motherboard reported.Mireles ramped up his work as immigration raids began under Trump.Mireles, of Arizona, expects the app to go live in May.Subscribers would receive text messages about verified raids in their areas, according to Motherboard.
Reuters – Uber Technologies Inc has hired former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to conduct a review of sexual harassment claims at the ride-hailing service made by a former employee.Holder and Tammy Albarran, who are partners at the law firm Covington & Burling, will look into the complaints about a manager at Uber, as well as general questions about diversity and inclusion, Chief Executive Travis Kalanick told his employees in a memo on Monday that was seen by Reuters.Last year, Airbnb hired Holder, who served under former President Barack Obama, to help craft a policy to combat discrimination occurring through the online lodging service s platform.Arianna Huffington, who joined Uber s board last year, Liane Hornsey, Uber s chief human resources officer, and Angela Padilla, the company s associate general counsel, will also help conduct the review, Kalanick said in the memo.Huffington, Kalanick and Hornsey will meet on Tuesday, the memo said.Susan Fowler, the former Uber employee who complained of being the target of sexual harassment by her manager, wrote in a blog post on Sunday that when she reported the offense to human resources officials and management, they declined to punish the alleged offender because he was a high performer and that this was his first offense.Fowler also said, after speaking with other female employees, she realized that both HR and management had been lying about this being the manager s first offense.In a statement sent to Reuters on Sunday, Kalanick called Fowler s allegations abhorrent and against everything Uber stands for and believes in.Fowler s tale prompted a backlash, including calls for a revival of the DeleteUber movement.Some protesters urged a boycott of the ride service over allegations it sought to profit from the chaos at New York s John F. Kennedy Airport last month, after President Donald Trump s executive order barring entry to people from seven Muslim majority countries.Many women working in Silicon Valley, particularly in highly technical roles, say they have experienced misogyny and harassment in the male-dominated field.Technology companies are under mounting pressure to make their workforces more diverse by hiring more women, blacks and Latinos – but progress has been slow.
Uber moved quickly over Presidents' Day weekend to respond to a former employee's claim that the company's human resources department ignored multiple instances of sexual harassment and discrimination.On Monday, Uber cofounder and CEO Travis Kalanick sent a company-wide email describing the investigation that would begin into the claims made by former Uber engineer Susan Fowler on her blog.You can read the full text of Kalanick's email below, provided to FORBES by a source at Uber.In it, Kalanick shared for the first time that just over 15% of Uber's engineering, product management, and scientist roles are filled by women, a percentage that is similar to or less than other large technology firms.Kalanick said that Uber has hired the former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and one of his private practice law partners, Tammy Albarran, to conduct "an independent review into the specific issues related to the work place environment raised by Susan Fowler."Even in Silicon Valley, where lack of representation for women and minorities has been criticized for years, the claims made by Fowler were shocking.
Strident views and a penchant for conspiracy theories often embroiled him in controversy—in a hacked e-mail from last summer, former Secretary of State Colin Powell called him right-wing nutty —but Trump rewarded Flynn s loyalty by making him his national-security adviser.The beginning of Trump s Presidency remained true to his campaign: even when it came to the highly sensitive issues of national security, Trump and his aides acted with ideological ferocity and a heedless sense of procedure that alarmed many inside the government.The Trump Administration s early days have invited comparison to the most unnerving political moments in memory, particularly Richard Nixon s behavior during the Watergate scandal.Flynn raised some concerns about how the order might affect relationships with allies, but those were ignored.George H. W. Bush preferred text on a half page, in a single column, limited to four or five pages; the briefer read fifteen to twenty pages aloud to George W. Bush, who preferred more material and liked to discuss it with the briefer; Barack Obama studied the material alone, over breakfast.Defense Secretary Robert Gates delivered a judgment of the report that saved them.
after Reading an article about how the Us president Donald Trump I hate bad news, I was left to ponder the business leaders similar pattern of behavior.the Article quoted a Washington Post story, which discussed Trump's reactions to the women's march news coverage as well as Trump and president Barack obama's inauguration, the audience number of comparison:"president Trump had just returned to the White house Saturday's final inauguration event, a peaceful interfaith prayer moment, when the anger of the thunderhead began to accumulate.Trump turned on the tv and saw a slice of confrontation – on the one hand, different parts of the world organised huge demonstrations in his day-old president, through the against the and on the other hand, few people read inaugural audience, around which remained empty on the broad white areas of the National Mall park.As we know, in a hurry convened a press conference.Spicer played the occasion, the obvious lies Trump the inauguration of the public amount, and the suppliers the criticism was harsh.
Chicago's Board of Ethics is handing a former Uber executive a $90,000 fine for illegally lobbying the city's mayor over ride-sharing privileges at the city's two airports.On Thursday, the ethics panel voted 5-0 to levy the fine on David Plouffe, who was Barack Obama's former campaign manager.The fine came because Plouffe was not registered with the city as a lobbyist when he e-mailed Mayor Rahm Emanuel's personal account.Plouffe received an immediate reply to his e-mail from Emanuel, even though the mayor was overseas at the time.But the lobbying by Plouffe came to light in December as part of open-records lawsuits.In response to those suits, the mayor released hundreds of personal e-mails connected to his public position.
After months of sparring with Utah politicians over their repeated attacks on public land protections, including the creation of Bears Ears National Monument, the world s largest outdoor retail show has decided to part ways with Salt Lake City and find a new home.The decision was announced Thursday after officials of Outdoor Retailer, the Outdoor Industry Association, Patagonia, The North Face and REI participated in what clearly proved to be a fruitless teleconference with Utah Gov.In its own announcement, the Outdoor Industry Association, one of several sponsors of the biannual event in Salt Lake, said it is clear the Republican governor has a different perspective ― one it feels is bad for our American heritage and the 1,200 businesses it represents.In an interview with the Salt Lake Tribune, a spokesman for Herbert said Outdoor Retailer s decision is offensive and reflects a gross ingratitude for the city of Salt Lake.The Navajo Nation and conservationists, who pushed Obama to designate the monument before President Donald Trump took office, hailed it as a victory.But Reyes, later joined by Herbert and the state s Republican lawmakers in Washington, blasted the move as a federal land grab and urged Trump to undo it.
SoftBank, the Japanese telecom company that owns Sprint, is looking to make another run at T-Mobile US, Reuters' Liana Baker reports.T-Mobile's stock jumped as much as 5% on the news.SoftBank has not yet approached Deutsche Telekom, which owns T-Mobile US, according to the report.For regulatory reasons, the two companies will be able to begin negotiations in April, the report said.This would be the second time Softbank has made an effort to acquire T-Mobile.It explored the idea in 2014, only to back down after telecom regulators made it clear they would block any acquisition of the fourth-largest US carrier.In 2011, AT struck a $39 billion deal to acquire T-Mobile, but walked away after facing the same objections from the Federal Communications Commission and Department of Justice.Regulators under the Obama Administration had objected to the tie-up out of concern that eliminating a major competitor in the telecom market would be bad for consumers.A change in the government could give SoftBank's CEO, the Japanese billionaire Masayoshi Son the opening he needs.In December he met with President Trump, who announced he'd pledged to create 50,000 new jobs in the US.The investment is actually from the SoftBank Vision Fund and was announced in October.In August, Bloomberg News reported that Son was likely to make another run at Sprint if the new FCC head seemed more amenable to it.SoftBank is a highly acquisitive company.On Tuesday it announced it was buying the asset manager Fortress Investment Group for $3.3 billion.Read the full Reuters story NOW WATCH: This behavior could kill your chances in a Goldman Sachs interviewLoading video...
While it s true that funding is a critical part of keeping charities operating, just throwing cash at causes isn t enough if companies want to truly maximize these partnerships.Real partnership comes from companies investing their people s time, energy and passion on the ground, as well.Being physically present — whether it s serving meals, mentoring kids or any number of on-the-ground actions — amplifies their impact and it unites like-minded people within the company toward a shared goal.In 2016, Built by Girls, an AOL initiative that inspires and supports girls who want to build careers in technology, teamed up with former first lady Michelle Obama s Let Girls Learn initiative.Together, they challenged young women across the U.S. to develop ideas about how the power of technology could advance girls education globally.Instead, BBG helped the winning girls turn their innovative ideas into real solutions by connecting them directly to BBG s network of technology experts.
Pruitt to head the .He s previously expressed doubt regarding the science behind climate change and has sued the EPA 14 times in his tenure as AG of Oklahoma a state which has, incidentally, suffered .He also drew fire after discovered that Pruitt had copied wholesale a letter drafted by oil and gas company Devon Energy and sent it to regulators in Washington as his own, with only a few minor changes.The wrote that Pruitt had done this several times in letters he sent to the EPA, the Office of Management and Budget, and President Obama.
Chicago officials have slapped David Plouffe with a hefty $90,000 fine, claiming he lobbied for Uber without properly registering with the city.The Chicago ethics board voted unanimously to fine Plouffe for violating the Government Ethics Ordinance by failing to register as a lobbyist, according to a Reuters report.The board says he lobbied Chicago city officials on behalf of Uber on Nov. 20.2015, but failed to register until April 13, 2016.Uber acknowledged the error in a statement emailed to SiliconBeat.We work hard to ensure our registrations are accurate and up to date, a spokeswoman wrote.We regret that in this instance we made a mistake and we will comply with the board s assessment.Plouffe, who served as an adviser to former President Barack Obama before joining Uber as the company s senior vice president of policy and strategy in 2014, now is president of policy and advocacy for the Chan Zuckerberg initiative — Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg s philanthropy organization.Plouffe joined Uber while the San Francisco-based company was in the midst of some major PR woes — Uber was facing tough regulatory battles in many states, opposition from the taxi industry and attacks from the public over the safety of its rides and other issues.
Former Obama campaign manager and Uber executive David Plouffe has been fined $90,000 for illegally lobbying Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel on behalf of the ride-hailing giant, according to the Chicago Tribune.The fine was imposed by the Chicago Board of Ethics after 2015 emails between Plouffe and Emanuel were unearthed in a separate case.The Ethics Board found that Plouffe had not registered as a
On ADayWithoutImmigrants, workers who are vital to the operation of restaurants to agriculture to healthcare stayed home to protest the current White House s appalling immigration policy agenda.While the video was ridiculed as clumsy pandering, it was also praised by Indian American groups who saw a strong leader willing to take a hard line.The draft of the Executive Order on Protecting American Jobs and Workers by Strengthening the Integrity of Foreign Worker Visa Programs promises to crack down on popular temporary worker visas such as the H-1B, the majority of which go to Indians.Restricting companies ability to hire the most qualified workers from a global pool further narrows the already intense competition for talent.Without these training opportunities, new U.S. workers will not magically materialize.Second, the pledge to review all regulations that allow foreign nationals to work in the United States is a thinly veiled reference to counteracting President Obama s executive order granting the spouses of temporary workers the right to work.
Since winning the US presidential election last year, Donald Trump's administration has been in an almost constant state of turmoil.Yet Julian Assange, the outspoken founder of whistleblowing website WikiLeaks, says it's not all doom and gloom.In a series of Australian radio interviews this week 15 February , broadcast from the Ecuadorian embassy where he lives under political asylum, Assange said the rise of leaks from inside the US government alongside a renewed journalistic aggression are both welcome changes from the previous administrations of Obama and Bush."I quite like the way that now suddenly it's permissible for most media to criticise government in a way that it wasn't in the past in the United States, and frankly, wasn't in major US allies as well," he said during an interview with the Kyle and Jackie O show."Now it's acceptable to look into policies of the White House and the Pentagon," he continued, adding: "I think that aspect, that suddenly it's acceptable for the press to actually do their job and hold government to account, is a positive."Last December, Assange spoke out in guarded praise of the incoming Trump administration.
According to new reports, Russia has deployed a secret cruise missile system that violates a treaty between the United States and the former Soviet Union.Known as the SSC-X-8, the Obama administration previously warned Russia about developing the land-based system, but the country went ahead and built it anyway.Now that Trump is in office, there s speculation about what the new administration will do about it.The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces treaty went into effect under President Reagan in 1988 and bans cruise missiles with a range between roughly 300 and 3,400 miles.And according to the Federation of American Scientists, it was the first treaty to reduce nuclear arms capabilities rather than merely installing ceilings on new weapons developments.The revelations that this illegal weapons system is being rolled out couldn t come at a worse time for the Trump regime.
On Wednesday, standing beside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a White House press conference, Donald Trump blamed the press, the intelligence agencies, and Hillary Clinton for the ouster of Michael Flynn, his former national-security adviser.And it s been going on for a long time before me, but now it s really going on.Clearly, though, the President still doesn t think Flynn did anything wrong when, last December, he spoke to Sergey Kislyak, the Russian Ambassador to the United States, about the sanctions that the Obama Administration had imposed to punish Vladimir Putin s regime for meddling in the U.S. election.Trump could have seized on this fact and kept Flynn on.A willingness to accept the occasional public humiliation is a prerequisite for agreeing to work for Trump—something that Pence must have been well aware of when he accepted his spot on the ticket.It looks like what actually happened and here I agree with of Bloomberg View s Eli Lake is that the White House, in an effort to quell the growing furor over the President s ties to Russia, offered up Flynn as a fall guy.
When Morgan DeBaun was a student at Washington University in St. Louis during the early Obama years, she and a handful of friends often found themselves at this one lunch table in a campus cafeteria.It was big and round, whereas the other tables in the cafeteria were long and rectangular, and it was perfect for the hours the group spent talking about what shows they were watching, what music they were listening to, and whatever was happening in the news or around campus.They were among the very few black students at the predominately white university, and the table became a place of both sanctuary and celebration.Over time, other black students would drift into their orbit and join the conversation.That was six years ago, and today DeBaun is the CEO and cofounder of Blavity, a three-year-old media and tech company that s been described as BuzzFeed for black millennials.With 17 full-time staffers in its LA offices, Blavity publishes articles with titles like From Trayvon Martin to Alton Sterling: Tears That Never Dry and Why Atlanta Is the Most Authentically Modern Black Experience on TV Right Now.
The Trump administration has pushed to deregulate the financial, energy and mining industries, and supporters on Capitol Hill want to extend that drive beyond Earth s orbit.With Congress expected to authorize more than $19 billion in annual NASA funding, one of the most contentious policy issues to emerge is how strictly the federal government should regulate commercial space ventures.President Barack Obama s administration...
You may want to look into purchasing a membership at Mar-a-Lago, the winter White House, where this weekend some guy posted a selfie with the Trump aide who carries the United States nuclear football.Richard DeAgazio, an investor and actor, posted several pictures from Mar-a-Lago this weekend showing US President Donald Trump and his entourage.It was fascinating to watch the flurry of activity at dinner when the news came that North Korea had launched a missile in the direction of Japan.The photo appears to confirm what CNN reported this weekend: that aides used the camera lights on their phones to help the stone-faced Trump and Abe read through the documents.The fact that aides are directing their phone cameras at classified documents is horrifying enough by itself.There s more bizarre news from Palm Beach, FL s finest resort.