Two people have died in a crash during a police pursuit in west London.The Metropolitan Police said officers responded to reports of an aggravated burglary in Harrow, north-west London, at about 8.40pm on Sunday.As part of the response, a pursuit began, with a police helicopter also called to assist.At about 9pm, the vehicle being pursued moved on to the wrong side of the carriageway on the A40 and crashed with a coach near the junction of Kingsdown Avenue, Acton.A male and a female were pronounced dead at the scene, while a second man was taken to hospital for treatment.All three were occupants of the vehicle being pursued.
Bergerac, which anyone old enough to remember the TV of the 1980s remembers fondly because it was one of the few things that wasn't news or That's Life!, is perhaps coming back.A team of production companies is pitching it right now, hopefully with at least a cameo role for the original Bergerac player John Nettles.It's hard to say what Bergerac was about, as it started off being about a policeman in Jersey then turned into general crime-solving to do with boats, Westcountry accents, council issues and even the occasional exciting high-budget episode with drug shipments, a car chase and kissing.It was on TV in the evening in 1983, and that was all that mattered.Gub Neal, from pitching production company Artists Studio, said: "We’ve been trying to bring back Bergerac for some time and I’m very glad that we have the next generation of such an iconic show in development.Updated for the present day, it will deal with contemporary stories-of-the-week that run alongside a strong serial spine."
Former ‘Call The Midwife’ actress Jessica Rainer is expecting her first child with her husband Tom Goodman-Hill.The 37-year-old revealed the news at the premiere of ‘Baptiste’ on BBC1, attending the screening with an obvious baby bump.Raine spoke during the event about being pregnant on the set of her new show, explaining the difficulties of being involved in a car race while on set.“I broke the news and everyone was amazing,” she told The Mirror.“We had to work out how to do the car chase without me being in any danger.”[Read More: Helen George reveals she had an elective caesarean after learning about birth on ‘Call The Midwife’]
I back out the clutch and press the accelerator—really, just giving it a little nudge—and my passenger and I go leapfrogging straight up the hill, the exhaust popping and burping behind us.The mighty Brraapp comes rippling up through the back of the car and swats our ears in the same way a wet, low B-flat from the sousaphone in a New Orleans brass band rattles you when you’re standing a little too close but you don’t care because you’re so lost in the heat and the booze and the rhythm.I push down harder toward the floor and suddenly we’re doing 54 mph straight up the hill.I shift again, to fourth gear.With each new slot, the pitch of the exhaust goes up and down as the engine speed automatically adjusts to match the new choice of gearing.In that movie—if you remember, and I know you do—there’s a famous car chase scene where the good guy (Steve McQueen) drives a green 1968 Mustang fastback as he chases the bad guys’ black Dodge Charger up and down the hills of San Francisco.
Car chases are often more dangerous for bystanders and officers then suspects.These four devices are designed to keep bystanders safe and give police or military personnel the advantage.The following is a transcript of the video.Four ways vehicles can be stopped in a police pursuit.A wheel-locking net stops vehicles in seconds.The tether prevents the vehicle from driving away.
What movies will best display your TV’s incredible contrast, color, and resolution?This disc is worth it for the film’s spectacular car chase sequence alone, but thankfully it offers much more.There’s a good chance that the very concept of Pacific Rim franchise along has you looking to purchase this for your home theater, regardless of whether or not you saw Pacific Rim: Uprising in the theater.Not only is The Revenant the film that finally put an Oscar for Best Actor in Leonardo DiCaprio’s hands, it’s a visually stunning and emotionally powerful film that also earned awards for Best Director and Best Cinematography.Starring Tom Hardy as the iconic Max Rockatansky and Charlize Theron as the mutiny-happy Imperator Furiosa, the film follows up on the deserted world reeling from the effects of a nuclear holocaust from the original franchise (miraculously) without skipping a beat.And since this one casts the resurgent Kurt Russell as Star-Lord’s dad, some might say it even exceeds its predecessor — we’ll leave that for greater minds than ours to decide.
Nah, you’ve got enough big fish stories; best to show off your awesome creation with your friends and family.This disc is worth it for the film’s spectacular car chase sequence alone, but thankfully it offers much more.There’s a good chance that the very concept of Pacific Rim franchise along has you looking to purchase this for your home theater, regardless of whether or not you saw Pacific Rim: Uprising in the theater.Director George Miller returns to the Mad Max franchise in a glorious way with 2015’s Mad Max: Fury Road.In the film, everyone’s favorite forgetful fish, Dory (Ellen DeGeneres), suddenly recalls childhood memories of her parents and sets off on a journey to find them.The film centers on Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), a neurosurgeon who loses the use of his hands in an accident.
Burglars tried to break into Jeff Bezos' Beverly Hills mansion last week.They didn't end up stealing anything from Bezos' home, but it's suspected that the same culprits broke into another nearby home that same night.After the police chased them for 25-minutes by car, the burglars escaped on foot.Three burglars attempted to break into Jeff Bezos' Beverly Hills mansion last week, TMZ reports.The burglars, who successfully evaded the police on foot after what TMZ describes as a "wild, 25-minute car chase," reportedly broke a window before fleeing the scene.While the Amazon CEO's possessions were reportedly left unscathed, it's suspected that the culprits burglarized another home within the elite Hollywood neighborhood that same night.
Black Panther’s special effects have gotten a remarkable amount of attention.More than most films, we have substantial insight into how the effects were made, and why some effects turned out better than others.Now, add to that heap of information this excellent video breakdown from Luma Pictures, the independent studio who built the visuals for the car chase sequence in Black Panther from the ground up.It’s fascinating to see what does and doesn’t end up being built digitally here—the entirely CG version of T’Challa in his tux, for one.The collision of real locations and CG representations of those locations is one of the most strange and compelling material artifacts of modern filmmaking.Reality, overlapping with our representations of it.
Brand partnerships with superhero movies are inevitable—let’s face it, most movies are superhero movies these days—but so many of them seem like an unnatural fit.Or a lazy one, at best.There’s a car chase in the movie?Let’s use that in a car commercial!That might initially seem like the case with Deadpool’s Devour partnership.Why would Deadpool care about frozen food?
In recent weeks, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has published Apple patent applications for several fascinating virtual reality concepts, but the latest one takes the cake: Apple has applied to patent a VR system for autonomous cars that radically transforms the car’s interior and exterior environments, making the ride more fun for passengers.Though the patent is framed as a way to mitigate motion sickness, Patently Apple notes that it offers a staggering glimpse into Apple’s visions for both VR and self-driving cars.Apple suggests that future cars could lack windows, instead using interior screens and VR headsets to display real or artificial surroundings.For instance, a tiny car could be made to look spacious, or transformed into a completely different type of vehicle.The VR view would be coordinated with an “active seat” and motion sensors, enabling real-world car movements to be incorporated into the visual experience.Passengers may choose to have relaxing virtual experiences… such as floating down a river or soaring over the landscape in a hang glider, or exciting virtual experiences such as a car chase or driving through a post-apocalyptic wasteland with zombies attacking… if the vehicle stops at a red light or for some other reason when fleeing zombies… the virtual experience may cause the vehicle to appear to stall and not allow the car to be restarted until the light turns green to build suspense.
Ford unveiled a new special-edition Mustang to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the the film "Bullitt."The original "Bullitt" Mustang was also on hand for the reveal in Detroit.The Bullitt 'Stang edges the current Mustang GT for performance.The most famous car chase in cinematic history involved Steve McQueen in a 1968 Mustang, dark green, and some hit men in a Dodge Charger.Even if you haven't seen the '68 film, "Bullitt," you might be able to guess who came out on top.Ford celebrated the 50th anniversary of the film by pulling the cover off a limited edition "Bullitt" Mustang at the Detroit auto show.
In the Marvel universe we've seen men fly and aliens fall from the sky -- but the latest trailer says we've never seen anything like "Black Panther".Debuting in "Civil War", Black Panther is the superpowered African king, T'Challa, played by Chadwick Boseman.The film's new trailer gives us a look at the Afrofuturist design of the Black Panther's home, Wakanda, and hints at a spectacular car chase as one of the big action scenes.We also see Michael P Jordan and Andy Serkis team up as the villains."The world's gonna start over," roars Jordan's character Erik Killmonger.It's all set to what sounds like a mash-up of Vince Staples track "BagBak" with Gil Scott-Heron's "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised".
A hacker reportedly cut off a police car chase attempting to catch two suspected armed robbers in Australia.The unknown hacker is believed to have hijacked police radio broadcast, interrupting the car chase by impersonating an officer.The incident led to the police calling off the pursuit of the two alleged robbers.The incident took place after Victoria Police were called in following an armed robbery of a shop that occurred in the town of Sale.The officers followed the two suspected robbers, who fled the scene of the crime in a stolen car.However, during the chase, an unknown individual disrupted communications over the police radio multiple times and posed as a police officer.
Those flying cars you wanted?They’re coming in 2049, with guns and missiles and drones.Too bad the world will have gone to hell by then...The latest TV teaser for Blade Runner 2049 gives viewers a few new glimpses of the three-decades-after sequel to the scifi classic.In the new footage, both Harrison Ford’s Deckard and Ryan Gosling’s Officer K trade punches with the folks who are hunting them, along with a car chase sequence that shows off futuristic weapons and tech.The brief cut with the lush, verdant environment is the most exciting thing to me, because—in a world wracked by apocalyptic climate change—you’ve gotta wonder where exactly that moment happens.
Although the state had authorised the testing of autonomous cars locals had not expected to see one, let alone a completely unmanned vehicle.Any tests of self-driving vehicles are normally accompanied by a human driver, who sits in the driver's seat to control the car if it strays off course.Local journalists from ARL Now and NBC News 4 reporter Adam Tuss tracked the van, attempting to see how the vehicle was driving."This is one of the strangest things I have ever seen," Tuss tweeted."We have found the self-driving van in Arlington - and there's a guy hiding behind the seat."After the reporter questioned the driver through the window, the driver sped off without a word to the reporter.
The Drum's Shazam chart is based on the number of times each ad has been Shazamed over the past week using the music identification app.While Samsung, McDonalds and Lloyds TSB continue to dominate, Nissan Qashqai, Emporio Armani and San Pellegrino have snapped up three spots.Nissan Qashqai has taken eighth place with the help of Black Sabbath's Paranoid, which backs the adverts movie car chase style.Meanwhile, Emporio Armani shows the limits to which some people will go to in an effort to be together with the starring couple tackling obstacles all across New York.The final new ad from San Pellegrino has taken a respectable tenth place with a group of friends going on envious trips together while enjoying the brands sparkling water.Artist: Daryl Hall & John Oates
At Marvel Studio’s Comic-Con panel on Saturday, director Taika Waititi answered a question about his upcoming film Thor: Ragnarok with a new spin on an old platitude.While Waititi sat in Hall H talking about rectangles, people waited for upwards of three and a half hours to break out of that rectangle, to put on a headset for five minutes and freak out while Stranger Things' Demogorgon stalked them through a house.Just about every genre show and movie creates some sort of companion VR piece for ancillary marketing purposes; Game of Thrones begat Interstellar, which begat Sleepy Hollow, which begat begeverything else.This is just proof that the appetite for Doing Cool Stuff in Headsets continues to grow, right?It also can land just about anywhere on the quality continuum, from inducing legitimate presence—the phenomenon that occurs when everything comes together to trick your brain and body into reacting as though you’re truly in that virtual space, truly there—to being straight-up uncomfortable.At Comic-Con, up to 24 people at a time sat in movie-theater seats and donned Gear VR mobile headsets, then hung on for a five-minute flying-car chase in pursuit of a rogue replicant, during which the seats pitched and rolled in time with the VR action.
The first trailer for Ready Player One, based on Ernest Cline's legendary novel, just dropped at San Diego Comic-con.Ever since Cline's novel shot to the top of bestseller lists, fans have been waiting for the movie.It's the story of a kid growing up in the near future, dreaming of escape from his life in a massive, dystopian trailer park.He's only happy in the Oasis, a massive multiplayer VR world, where he indulges in his love for 1980s pop culture.This trailer is a little uneven at first, but won me over when the 80s Rush song "Tom Sawyer" provided the perfect soundscape for an incredible VR-powered car chase.The premise of the novel is that our protagonist is a gamer whose team is poised to unlock the highest level in the Oasis and find the Easter Egg its creator has hidden.
For a superhero with three debut films in 15 years, Spider-Man wasn't expected to set any records with his latest reboot - but 'Homecoming' proved naysayers wrong in a big way.It’s no surprise that the Spider-Man: Homecoming opening weekend put Marvel’s famous web-slinger at the top of the box office, but the superhero’s first solo adventure still managed to exceed expectations.Box-office pundits initially had Homecoming pegged for an opening weekend somewhere in the $80 million range, but a flood of positive reviews from professional critics (the film currently has a 93-percent approval rating on and great audience buzz from early screenings (resulting in an “A” grade on CinemaScore) appear to have given it the extra push it needed to swing past that early mark.In other box-office news, the success of director Edgar Wright’s car-chase crime musical Baby Driver last week doesn’t appear to have been a fluke.The film added an additional $12.7 million its second weekend in theaters — a drop of only 38 percent from its opening weekend.For a film that cost just $34 million to make, the movie appears to be well on its way to finally giving Wright that bona fide box-office hit he’s been missing.