Scientists have measured a fundamental property of a supermassive black hole—how fast it spins—by measuring a star slamming into it.It can be hard to measure black holes unless they actually do something, like when they slam together or spew jets of matter.“There have already been measurements of spins from black holes that are actively accreting,” or acquiring more matter under the influence of gravity, the study’s first author Dheeraj Pasham, Einstein Postdoctoral Fellow at the MIT Kavli Institute, told Gizmodo.An automatic sky survey called the All-Sky Automated Survey for SuperNovae, or ASASSN, spotted the flash on 22 November 2014.The flash, called ASASSN-14li, looked just like your typical black-hole-gravity-shredding-a-star-to-bits event, happening near the centre of a host galaxy.The scientists immediately searched for “quasi-periodic oscillations,” regularly repeating but changing patterns of x-rays that vary in their power and are thought to originate from very close to the black hole.
A picture of an egg is now the most-liked photo on Instagram, with more than 42 million likes."We always knew eggs were incredible… now the world has confirmed it," the president of the American Egg Board said in a statement on Tuesday.The American Egg Board is donating millions of eggs to celebrate the Instagram-famous egg's success, and has reached out to the person who posted the egg to collaborate.Sign up for our best stories delivered to your inboxBy clicking Sign Up, you agree to receive marketing emails from Insider Inc. and accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.The American Egg Association is celebrating the triumph of an egg-turned-Instagram celebrity.
For decades, women in business have lacked the resources necessary to navigate to or sustain executive roles.Finally, venture-funded projects have emerged to fill this gap.The latest is Chief, a private network for New York-based women in senior roles in tech, retail, enterprise, finance, media and more.The company launches today with $3 million in venture capital funding to provide its 200 members access to a Tribeca clubhouse, monthly executive coaching and leadership development sessions and a salon series, which includes “intimate dinners with captains of industry” and celebrity fireside conversations.Chief membership costs $5,800 per year for members with a vice president-level job title and even more for those in the C-suite at $7,800.Its founders, Carolyn Childers and Lindsay Kaplan, say the ideal is for companies to pay the way for members, similar to how a startup might pay to send one of its employees to a conference.
SpecialGuest spun off from sibling company 1stAveMachine as a distinct, separate offering over four years ago, with co-founder Aaron Duffy providing creative direction to clients.Since then, SpecialGuest has worked with brands including Google, Spotify, Squarespace and YouTube.SpecialGuest has branched out to offer the approach across a range of creative directors.Duffy likened the model to the way production companies provide a roster of directors so agencies can choose one to work with on a project.SpecialGuest worked with Rag & Bone and 1stAveMachine to create a film starring Kate Mara and Ansel Elgort, featuring music by Thom Yorke.Current projects include campaigns for a brand in the tourism space and an undisclosed celebrity brand campaign.
Stunning Lexus LC convertible concept debuts at the Detroit Auto ShowFord and Volkswagen partner on midsize pickups, commercial vans2020 Toyota Supra has BMW bones, $50,000 price tag2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 brings more than 700 horsepower to DetroitSubaru WRX STI S209 is the most powerful STI ever
What the heck is going on with Section 31?We can finally look forward to some answers.Captain Philippa Georgiou's Star Trek story will continue in a new live-action series under development for streaming service CBS All Access.(Disclosure: CBS is CNET's parent company.)Michelle Yeoh will take the lead in a Star Trek: Discovery spinoff that delves into the secretive realm of Starfleet's Section 31.Section 31 acts as an autonomous shadow group within Starfleet, supposedly working to protect the Federation's interests.
Brud, the company behind the virtual celebrity Lil Miquela, is now worth at least $125 million thanks to a new round of financing the company is currently closing.“The way I look at it… a lot of it is going to be like any kind of content studio,” says Peter Rojas, a partner at the New York investment firm Betaworks Ventures.Last year the company scored at least $6 million from investors, including Sequoia Capital, BoxGroup and other, undisclosed, investors.Experiments in avastardom have been percolating in popular culture since at least the rise of the Gorillaz — the Damon Albarn assembled musical supergroup that released their first EP “Tomorrow Comes Today” in late 2000.Gatebox, the company that manufactures hardware to display holograms of various anime characters in homes, has issued at least 3,700 marriage licenses to fans like Kondo.At Betaworks, the firm is exploring the popularity of these virtual characters — and the role that artificial intelligence and new content creation technologies will play in reshaping entertainment and social media platforms.
IMDb, the information-rich film and TV website, launched a free, ad-supported, streaming video channel in the U.S. this week.IMDb Freedive offers a wide selection of popular television series and Hollywood feature films, all available without a paid subscription.News of a free streaming content service for Fire TV owners started circulating last August.At the Freedive launch, TV show choices included Fringe, Heroes, The Bachelor, and Without a Trace.Top row movies include hits Awakenings, Foxcatcher, Memento, Monster, Run Lola Run, The Illusionist, The Last Samurai, and True Romance.The IMDb Originals category includes celebrity interviews, documentaries, short series, trailers, news, and coverage of film festivals, award shows, and related events.
An objective person could watch Super Bowl advertising and plausibly think: “Yeah, that’s a good ad.” Of course, in the ad agency world, creatives tend to be a little more critical, picking little things out that illustrate the difference between a good Super Bowl ad and a great one.Adweek asked a wide range of industry veterans to share the Super Bowl ads they feel inspired them—and their industry—to do better work.Below are some stellar ad picks—both older and new—that show the power of one of advertising’s most enduringly important days:The inspiring anthem set to Paul Harvey’s seminal “God Made a Farmer” speech motivated viewers to, as Nancy Hacohen, live-action director at Tool of North America, said, “stop, listen, and appreciate the indomitable American spirit.”“People often know the ‘formula’ for a great Super Bowl spot,” added Colle+McVoy ecd Laura Fegley.“It usually involves over-the-top comedy, a celebrity or huge production values.
For the editorial team at Digital Trends, CES, the annual consumer tech conference in Las Vegas, isn’t just about the products (although we do see plenty of cool gadgets there).During day three of the show, Digital Trends Live hosts Greg Nibler and Maude Garrett sat down with entrepreneur Kevin Harrington, a man who longtime Shark Tank viewers may recognize as one of the “sharks” from the first two seasons of the show.Although his Shark Tank days are long behind him, Harrington is still a prolific investor who comes to trade shows like CES to find the next big thing.Harrington talked to the Nibler and Garrett about his love of trade shows, how he got his start in business, and what he looks for in potential investment targets.As Harrington describes it, entrepreneurship runs in his family.“My father owned restaurants,” he explains, “and I started, when I was 11 years old, working in his restaurants.
Most of us go through life hoping not to earn a strange nickname, but a Sopranos nickname worthy of the mob lifestyle?HBO’s Twitter account today has been having a blast coming up with Sopranos-inspired nicknames for just about anyone who wants one, especially if it’s a brand or celeb with a decent-sized following.Brainstormed in real-time by the in-house HBO Digital team alongside creatives from agency Engine, the nickname thread quickly became one of the most entertaining ways to spend your Thursday afternoon.We’ve assembled a few of our favorites below.— HBO (@HBO) January 10, 2019Obviously Wendy’s, queen of the Twitter cool kids, wanted in on the action:
The beloved and rare snail, who is named after the Pinta Island tortoise "Lonesome George," was a local celebrity — mostly among children.In 1997, the last of 10 were brought to a University of Hawaii laboratory for captive rearing, but when the lab experienced a die-off, they all perished except for George.Although researchers labeled George a "he," the snail was a hermaphrodite, having both male and female parts.Sadly, researchers were never able to find another member of the species for George to mate with.George matured in a cage by himself, feeding on fungus.THOUSANDS OF FEMALE PENGUINS ARE BEING STRANGED IN SOUTH AMERICA
The most celebrated campaign from last year’s Cannes Lions is claiming an even more valuable win from the festival: a $370,000 windfall.The money—323,280 euro—is the total of all entry fees submitted for the awards festival’s Sustainable Development Goals Lions, or SDG Lions, which debuted in 2018 and honor marketing efforts that support the United Nations’ 17 Global Goals.Palau Pledge, created by agency Host/Havas in Sydney, is an ambitious effort requiring all visitors to the island nation to sign an agreement, stamped into their passports, promising to respect and protect its natural resources.The campaign, which includes a wide range of marketing materials such as an animated film shown on all inbound flights to Palau, received widespread acclaim and celebrity support in 2018.The pledge was notably successful at the Cannes Lions, where it won seven Lions, including three Grand Prix (Direct, Titanium and SDG) and a gold in Brand Experience and Activation.Now the festival, owned by Ascential, is following through on its own pledge—to donate all SDG Lions entry fees to the nonprofit client taking top honors.
Dave Bautista is ready to spice up his career.The actor, who plays Drax the Destroyer in the Guardians of the Galaxy films, has signed on to the reboot of Frank Herbert's sci-fi classic Dune, a representative confirmed on Monday.Back in 2016, Legendary acquired TV and film rights to Herbert's iconic 1965 novel.Those who didn't read the book and its sequels may know the series best from David Lynch's 1984 film, which starred Kyle MacLachlan as Paul Atreides.While it later attained cult status, the film flopped with critics and at the box office.But many praise the complex and imaginative world of the books, which feature a fictional drug called Melange and known as "the spice," as well as the dangerous sandworms that attack those who try to harvest it.
Noel Edmonds has furiously hit out at reports claiming he is moving to New Zealand after being upset by the reaction to his ‘I’m A Celebrity’ stint.The former ‘Deal Or No Deal’ presenter blasted what he called “absolute disgusting lies” published by The Sun, in an impassioned video he posted on journalist Nigel Pauley’s Twitter account.The Sun had claimed that Noel had “slipped into a bit of a depression” and was “terrified” no more work would come his way, after being voted out first of last year’s series of ‘I’m A Celebrity’, and had put his Bristol home on the market to move to New Zealand.Noel isn’t happy - he’s recorded a video angrily rebutting and denying today’s Sun on Sunday story claiming he’s depressed and moving to New Zealand ...— Nigel Pauley (@nigelpauley) January 6, 2019In his video response, Noel said: “Apparently I’m so crushed following my experience on I’m A Celebrity I’m putting my house on the market and skulking off to New Zealand.”
A Japanese billionaire who’s paying Elon Musk to fly him around the Moon, assuming all goes to plan with SpaceX’s giant metal phallus, has bought himself a rather different ride in the meanwhile.The BBC reports that Yusaku Maezawa has elbowed aside nugget-loving U.S. teen, Carter Wilkerson, to bag the title of most retweeted tweet by promising to give away 100 million yen (just under $1M) in cash if people RT the tweet.At the time of writing Maezawa’s January 5 tweet has ~4.6M RTs (and counting), beating out Wilkerson’s April 2017 tweet pleading for free chicken nuggets which now has circa 3.6M RTs.Of course it’s not a fair fight.Wilkerson had just 138 Twitter followers to provide native uplift when his brief plea for “Nuggs” went viral.Prior to Wilkerson, the world record retweeted tweet was a celebrity group selfie.
The celebrities of tomorrow are all being minted on social media.Jack Black is an exception.Last month, the comedian / musician announced the arrival of his new gaming-focused channel, which features videos edited by his son Sam.The video was short, but it smartly incorporated shout-outs to YouTube giants like PewDiePie, all while showcasing Black’s familiar, dramatic humor.This weekend, Black uploaded his first real video to the channel, taking viewers into the Pinball Hall of Fame.The video is raw, and in the description, Black apologizes for the somewhat low quality.
After a three-year absence, ITV made the decision to revive ‘Dancing On Ice’ in 2018, with the first series in its new incarnation returning with quite a lot of noise last year.No disrespect to anyone who took part, but the series passed the majority of people by without any fanfare, presumably due to the small amount of headlines the show managed to generate and the celebrity line-up, which boasted not one but two ‘Coronation Street’ cast members, and the then-reigning ‘Love Island’ winner as its star draw.It’d be easy to pin this on the fact that Gemma Collins was the first celebrity confirmed to be taking part, and yes, we can’t pretend that we aren’t excited to see how she fares on the ice.Gemma has undoubtedly been the star of every reality show she’s ever been in, from her long-standing part in ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ to her stints in ‘I’m A Celebrity’ (a series she dominated despite leaving after 72 hours) and ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ (a show that led to her becoming a viral star a full year after leaving the house).But it would be unfair to say that our excitement is solely due to The GC, as there are plenty of celebs on the line-up we’re excited to check out, including big characters Richard Blackwood, Loose Women’s Saira Khan and Wes Nelson of last year’s ‘Love Island’.At 67, she’s the oldest of this year’s ‘Dancing On Ice’ contestants, but she’s full of energy and pep (even if she did recently tell ‘This Morning’ that after watching herself on the ice she thought she looked “not only look like the oldest person on the show, but the oldest person in the world”!
You probably know of the Marshall brand of guitar amplifiers, which have been rocking clubs and arenas since the 60s.With the help of Sweden-based firm Zound Industries, the brand expanded to launch consumer products like headphones and wireless speakers a couple of years ago; its instantly recognizable moniker and stage-ready aesthetic have helped it gain a foothold in the saturated audio gear space.It’s also a bit expensive, as far as wireless speakers go, but if you dig the whole rock-and-roll vibe, it’s certainly worth a look.The speaker is rated IPX2 for water resistance, which means it’ll survive a few splashes and won’t go kaput if you leave it out during a drizzle.It’s possibly the largest wireless speaker I’ve tested recently, measuring 243 x 162 x 140 mm (kinda similar to a car battery, if that helps), and weighing 2.5kg.This speaker connects wirelessly over Bluetooth 5.0, which means it pairs instantly with your devices once you’ve set it up.
Most people will remember her from her time on ‘The X Factor’, where she finished in second place back in 2014, and went on to become what was probably the talent show’s last ever stand-out contestant, thanks to her show-stopping rendition of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ then-unknown ‘Uptown Funk’ — a performance so revered the original artists were forced to bring the track’s release date forward a month.Despite not winning, Simon Cowell was impressed enough to sign her up to his Syco record label, and a year later she released ‘Sax’, her brass-heavy earworm of a debut single that has gone on to become her signature tune.Her follow-up single ‘More And More’ was released by Syco months later with little fanfare, or even an official music video.Those who got to know Fleur in the jungle, where she won over viewers with her tenacity and sense of fun, might be surprised to learn she’d actually turned down the chance to appear on ‘I’m A Celebrity’ on more than one occasion, including earlier in 2018.“Basically, I hate having regrets, I never want to have regrets, so I thought, the worst thing for me would be to not do the show, watch it, and be gutted that I wasn’t on it, and want to have the experience.”Fleur’s departure from Syco, she’s quick to clarify, was not an acrimonious one, though she admits it was a difficult time for her.